Android Samples

Accelerometer Play

This sample demonstrates usage of the accelerometer to animate balls rolling on a wooden table.

ActivityLifecycle Demos

Four sample projects that cover advanced activity and application lifecycle scenarios in Android: * ActivityLifecycle - Handling


This sample demonstrates how to the use Activity scene transitions when transitioning from one activity to another. Uses a combination of

Advanced Immersive Mode

Android 4.4 introduces a way for you to provide a more immersive screen experience in your app, by letting users show or hide the

AgendaData Sample

This sample demonstrates sending calendar events from an Android handheld device to an Android Wear device, as well as deleting those


AnalogClock is a cross platform example displaying a classic clock containing hour, minute, and second hands.

Android API Demo

This sample includes a variety of small applications that illustrate the use of various Android APIs. It includes samples of: -

Android Beam Demo

This is a port of Android SDK samples. It demonstrates new Android Beam (new NFC feature) in Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android L Kitchen Sink

Basic samples of new Android L features including support v7. Features * Activity Transitions * CardView *

Android L Notifications

This sample demonstrates how new features for notifications introduced in Android L are used such as Heads-Up notifications,

Android Location Services Sample

This sample provides an example of gathering location data using the Android location system service, as explained in the Android

Android Quickstart (Xamarin.UITest)

This sample is the companion code for the Xamarin.UITest Android quickstart.

App Restriction Schema

This sample shows a basic demonstration of using a profile owner to set app restrictions in Android. This is to used alongside


Cross platform samples for iOS and Android showing image downloads using C# 5's async and await syntax


This sample application demonstrates how to use the new Async/Await feature which is available in Xamarin.Android 4.8. The

Background Location Demo

This is a cross platform sample, which demonstrates how to properly perform location updates while the application is either Active or Backgrounded.


This sample demonstrates how to set up and use Android 4.4's step counting APIs with batching (letting the system collect multiple step

Bluetooth Chat

This is a port of the Android Level 8 SDK samples. It demonstrates using the Bluetooth APIs to create a sample chat client.

Bluetooth LE Explorer

This is a cross-platform app that lets you scan for nearby Bluetooth Low Energy devices, connect to them, enumerate their services, and then enumerate those service characteristics

Borderless Buttons

This sample demonstrates the **borderless button** styling from the Holo visual language. The most interesting bits in this sample


A classic analog clock but realized entirely with BoxView.


A familiar game with a new twist.

Button Widget

Shows how to use a simple button widget.


This program demonstrates how to create a Button in code and process events from it.


This program demonstrates how to create a Button in XAML and process events from it in the code-behind file.

C# Dynamic Test

This samples makes use of dynamic types in DLR. This sample imports System.Json from ASP.NET MVC sources which includes

Calendar Demo

This example shows how to use the calendar API to list calendars and events. It also shows how to add an event and view it using the

Camera2 Basic Sample

This sample demonstrates how to use the new Camera2 APIs to render a preview of a camera's viewport, capture an image and save it to


This sample demonstrates how record video on Android L through the use of the Android.Hardware.Camera2


Demonstration of the CardView API introduced in Android L. Instructions * Run the project * Adjust the sliders to


This program uses .NET reflection to display a scrollable hierarchy of all Xamarin.Forms classes, structures, and enumerations.


This sample demonstrates simple clipping in Android L. Instructions * Touch the Show Log/Hide Log button to toggle the

Contact Manager

This sample demonstrates how to interact with Android's contact manager.

ContactsProvider Demo

This example shows how to use the ContactsProvider as well as the device owner's profile in Ice Cream Sandwich.

Content Controls

A cross platform sample which illustrates simple and advanced usage of some of the following content controls: Web View, Map View, Searching, Navigation.

Content Provider Demo

Just a small example showing how a Content Provider can be implemented in Mono for Android. I used this


This is the sample application for the Xamarin Test Cloud projects, but without any tests written. These serve to act as a start point for those who wish to learn how to write tests using Xamarin Test Cloud but don't want to create their projects.


This sample is the companion code for the Introduction to Xamarin.UITest and the Submitting Tests to Xamarin Test Cloud guides. It has some simple examples of tests written using Xamarin.UITest

Custom Transitions

This sample demonstrates how to create custom transitions to go from one scene in their app to the next. The transition created in this

DataLayer Sample

This sample demonstrates using the wearable APIs to send messages and stream data (an image in this sample) from an Android device to an

Delayed Confirmation

A simple sample which demonstrates how to send and receive messages to a connected Wearable using the new Wear APIs. Ported from the


This sample demonstrates the basic usage of the new Document-Centric Apps API. Instructions * Run the project * Tap


This sample demonstrates how to change the label of a document activity in recents using the Document-Centric

Drawable Tinting

Sample that shows applying tinting and color filters to Drawables both programmatically and as Drawable resources in XML Tinting

Elevation Basic

This sample demonstrates two alternative ways to move a view in the z-axis. The first view has a fixed elevation using XML and the

Elevation Drag

This sample demonstrates a drag and drop action on different shapes. Elevation and z-translation are used to render the shadows. The


A wear sample demonstrating how a personal assistant may work on a wearable device. The user interacts with Eliza, the personal

Embedded Resource

This sample illustrates how to load a resource that has been built into the assembly by setting its build type to EmbeddedResource.

Employee Directory

This is a Xamarin.Forms port of the pre-built sample app Employee Directory. It includes the UI code in both XAML and C#.


This is a functional test for "ExportAttribute" which is new in Mono for Android 4.2. This contains sample code for


This sample demonstrates a way to create an app that allows you to use your wear device to find your phone. Instructions *


This sample demonstrates how to create something similar to a flashlight on an android wear device by changing the color of the screen to a

Floating Action Button Basic

This sample shows the two sizes of Floating Action Buttons and how to interact with them. Instructions * Run the


This program displays all the views, cells, layouts, and pages available in Xamarin.Forms, one per page.

Fragment Transition

This sample demonstrates how to start a transition right after a fragment transaction. This allows for more fluid transitions and

FusedLocationProvider Sample

This sample provides an example of gathering location data using the FusedLocationProvider, available as part of Google Play services.

Geofencing Wearable Sample

This sample demonstrates the use of geofencing with wearable devices, by sending a notification to the watch when you are within a certain


This is a port of Android SDK sample "GestureBuilder" which is a showcase for android.gesture API. Authors Android Open

GL Diagnostics

This sample tests all possible graphics configuration options and outputs valid ones. See Also *

GL Diagnostics

This sample tests all possible graphics configuration options and outputs valid ones.

GL Rotating Cube

This sample demonstrates simple drawing via OpenTK's GL APIs by drawing a rotating cube. See Also *

GL Textured Cube

This sample demonstrates a fractal rotating cube rendered with textures via OpenTK's GL APIs. It shows how code using OpenTK can be shared between Android and iOS.

GL Textured Cube

This sample demonstrates a rotating cube rendered with textures via OpenTK's GL APIs. See Also *

GL Textured Cube

This sample demonstrates a rotating cube rendered with textures via OpenTK's GL APIs.

GL Triangle 30

OpenTK 3.0 version of GLTriangle Requirements There is one requirement to run this sample: 1. A device with

Google IO 2011 App in Mono for Android

This is a port of the [Google IO 2011 Schedule App][1] - it only works on Android 2.2 to Android 4.0.3 and it is not a port of the

GridLayout Demo

This example shows how to use a GridLayout with Ice Cream Sandwich.


This sample demonstrates how to display various UI elements in a grid.

GridViewPager sample

This sample demonstrates how to use the GridViewPager and GridPagerAdapter view for Android Wear devices. GridViewPager is a view

Hello Mono for Android

This is a super simple hello world application. It displays a message in a TextView when a Button is pressed.

Hello Multiscreen

This is a simple example showing how to use activities to create multiscreen applications.

Hello World

This is a super simple hello world application. It uses a TextView to display a plain old hello world message via a string resource.


Author: Richard Lander -- License: Apache 2 This sample app demonstrates how to use ViewPager and

Honeycomb Gallery

This is a port of Android SDK samples. It demonstrates a couple of new APIs in Honeycomb e.g. fragments, ActionBar and the

How to build the entire package from source

Prerequisites - Android SDK. - Environment variable ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/the/sdk - Environment variable PATH must

ICS Tabs Demo

This example shows how to use tabs from the Action Bar in Ice Cream Sandwich.


This sample demonstrates the use of animation interpolators and path animations for Material Design. It shows how an ObjectAnimator is

Java Native Invoke Sample

This sample shows how to manually bind to a Java library so it can be consumed by a Mono for Android

Jet Boy

A simple game demonstrating usage of the JET audio engine.

Job Scheduler

This sample demonstrates the new JobScheduler API. The JobScheduler API is part of Android-L's 'Project Volta' which provides new APIs to

Jumping Jack

This sample demonstrates the use of the gravity sensor in the Android Wear device through a counter for jumping jacks that the user makes


This sample provides an overview of new features of Android 4.4 "KitKat". Features include: - *User Interface*: basic property

Labelled Sections

The `Labelled Sections` demo is a port from the [Alphabetically ordered ListView with labelled


This sample demonstrates how to create an alphabetically ordered list with labelled sections.

Live Wallpaper Demo

This sample demonstrates various forms of live wallpapers: * A live Google Maps wallpaper. * A rotating cube. * A

Loading Large Images

A sample application for the Load Large Bitmaps Efficiently recipe which demonstrates how to resize a bitmap for a view.

Mono San Angeles sample port

This is a port of Android NDK sample (sanangeles). The project contains pre-compiled under libs

Multi-Resolution Graphics

This sample demonstrates how to display scalable/stretchable graphics using proper size units such as scale-independent pixels (sp)


A simple cross platform example of using a background thread to perform a long running task.


This example illustrates a common usage of the DrawerLayout widget in the Android support library. When a navigation (left)

Notepad Sample (Mono.Sqlite)

This sample shows a simple note taking application. This sample uses MFA's included Mono.Data.Sqlite. If you want to see a

OSMDroid Bindings for Xamarin.Android

The sample code for the Java Binding walkthrough.


Very simple example of sharing C# code across four platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8. Also includes a command-line version as a 'test harness'.

Popup Menu Demo

This example shows how to use a Popup Menu with Ice Cream Sandwich.


This wearable sample demonstrates how to create a quiz between the watch and the mobile device. The phone app will allow you to either


This sample demonstrates sending a list of notifications pages to an Android Wear device, with each page describing a step in a recipe. The


Demonstration of using RecyclerView with a LinearLayoutManager to create a vertical ListView. Instructions * Run the


This sample app accompanies the

Reveal Effect Basic

Basic sample to demonstrate the reveal effect. Instructions * Run the project * Click on the "Reveal" button to

Rotation Demo

This is the sample code for the article Handling Rotation. It shows various techniques for working with device orientation

Sanity Tests

SanityTests is a hodgepodge of things to test various interactions, such as SQLite use, JNI use, P/Invoke use, SSL, compression, and


The Xamarin.Forms Scale and Rotation properties allow a program to scale and rotate Xamarin.Forms visual elements. This sample demonstrates this functionality using a Slider.


This sample demonstrates how to use Media Projection API to capture device screen in real time and show it on a

Searchable Dictionary v2

This is a port of the Android Searchable Dictionary v2 sample. It demonstrates using Android's search framework.

Service Samples

Example code from the **Creating Services** article. Contains two solutions: ###DemoService Sample code from first

ShareActionProvider Demo

This example shows how to use the ShareActionProvider to share an image using Ice Cream Sandwich.

Simple Widget

This sample shows a simple widget which fetches the word of the day from Wiktionary. To Run * Deploy to target

Skeleton App

This is a simple application with an EditText control and clear/back buttons, plus a custom picture.


This sample shows the basic outline of a wearable project including Gridviews on Wearable devices and interactive


A plain old Snake game based on a TileView.

Solitaire Encryption (Xamarin.Forms)

This sample is a C# port of the Solitaire encryption algorithm featured in Neal Stephenson's novel Cryptonomicon.

Standard Controls

This sample application illustrates how to use a number of standard ui controls

Storage Client

This sample demonstrates how to use the ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT intent to let users choose a file via the system's file browser. This

Storage Provider

This sample demonstrates how to use the DocumentsProvider API to manage documents and expose them to the Android system for

Support v7 Palette

Basic sample of custom theming your application with the Palette support library. Instructions * Run the project *

Support v7 Toolbar

Basic sample of replacing the ActionBar with the new Support v7 app compat Toolbar. Instructions * Run the project *

svg-android binding

It is a binding example for svg-android Java library. svg-android project is located at: svg-android is under Apache

Swipe to Refresh

This sample demonstrates how to implement the swipe to refresh pattern using the support library `SwipeRefreshLayout` class.

Switch Demo

This example shows how to use a switch control with Ice Cream Sandwich.


This wearable sample demonstrates using listener services to create three kinds of notifications; a phone only notification, a wearable

System UI Visibility Demo

This example shows how to change the appearance of the Navigation Bar in Ice Cream Sandwich.


This sample demonstrates the Xamarin.Forms TabbedPage, which allows easy navigation among several similar pages.

Tables and Lists

This sample illustrates the various table and cell styles available out of the box, as well as illustrates how to create custom cells


Tasky is a simple cross-platform todo/task application sample that allows you to track todo/task items.Tasky supports three platforms - iOS, Android and Windows Phone - each with a native UI written in C#. It uses a local SQLite database to store the tasks.

Tasky Portable

This version of Tasky uses a Portable Class Library to encapsulate and share code across iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. For comparison, the Tasky sample uses a Shared Project.

Tasky Pro

The sample illustrates proper application architecture layering and uses a common code base for the Business Layer, Data Access Layer, and Data Layer layers. It then separates out the User Interface and Application Layer into the appropriate device-applications.

TextureView Demo

This example shows how to use a TextureView with Ice Cream Sandwich. A device is required for this example as the TextureView

This solution uses the Google Play Services (Froyo) component to demonstrate a few uses of

Note that this solution WILL NOT BUILD until the component is reloaded by opening this solution within Xamarin Studio or Visual


A simple timer application designed for Wear. The timer is displayed as a notification with reset and delete


Tip calculator is simple cross platform application, which calculates the correct tip amount.


TipCalc is based on an existing iOS and Android sample but has been completely rewritten for Xamarin.Forms using XAML and data-binding. This new version now builds for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Todo (Xamarin.Forms)

Xamarin.Forms provides two solution templates for building cross-platform applications: PCL or Shared Project. This Todo sample application is provided using both templates.

TodoLocalized (Xamarin.Forms)

A complete sample application showing how to localized Xamarin.Forms using RESX. We used Microsoft's Multilingual Application Toolkit to generate the machine translations, but this is not neccessary to build and run the sample.


Basic sample of replacing the ActionBar with the new ToolBar. Instructions * Run the project * Click on the Toolbar


This sample illustrates how to work with touch in iOS. Specifically, it shows how to handle touch events, use pre-defined gesture


This sample shows a basic Android-TV application by showcasing various video provided by Google. Note: This sample may


This is a port of the wonderful [ViewPagerIndicator library by JakeWharton][1] License Copyright 2011 Patrik

Visual Game Controller

This AndroidTV sample demonstrates the use of input from a game controller by displaying input events on the screen on a virtual controller


This wearable-only sample demonstrate using the WatchViewStub control which will automatically select a layout suited for round or


This sample app accompanies the article, [Call a REST Web

WebView JavaScript Interface

This demonstrates C# - to - JavaScript interoperability in WebView (through Java interface). For the API details,

Working With Audio – Test Application

Sample code to accompany the article Working With Audio. This simple application provides the following functionality: *

Xamarin Forms Image Resizer

This app loads an image that is embedded as a resource in a shared project, resizes it, and then displays it on the screen. It's a

XAML Samples

XAML—the eXtensible Application Markup Language—allows developers to define user interfaces in Xamarin.Forms applications using markup rather than code. These samples demonstrate how to utilize XAML with Xamarin.Forms.


This sample implements the classic 14-15 puzzle using Xamarin.Forms.