iOS Samples

Demonstrates how to use the push method to receive data from Core Motion.

#MonoTouch BTouch Binding Sample

App shows how to utilize an existing Objective-C library and expose it for use in Xamarin.iOS project.


Sample demonstrates how to use new UIKit features introduced in iOS 8.


This sample shows how to build a simple 2D game for iOS and OSX using SpriteKit.


AirLocate shows how to use CLLocationManager to monitor and range CLBeaconRegion.


AnalogClock is a cross platform app displaying a classic clock.

Application Preferences

An example on how to display application preferences in the "Settings" system application.


Sample shows how to use the iOS AudioQueue Processing Taps.


Cross platform sample for iOS and Android showing image downloads using C# 5's async and await syntax.


This app demonstrates how to use the Async/Await feature which is available in Xamarin.iOS 6.4.

Audio Converter File Converter Demo

This sample demonstrates the use of the Audio Converter API.

Audio Queue Offline Render Demo

An example demonstrating the Audio Queue offline rendering API.


Sample shows how to use the low-level AudioToolbox API.


Using MTAudioProcessingTap with AVFoundation to visualize audio samples.

AV Capture Frames

AVCaptureFrames demonstrates AV Foundation APIs to display a real-time capture from camera.

AV Touch

An example on using AVFoundation on iOS devices.

Background Execution

This sample illustrates how to develop multitasking aware applications in Xamarin.iOS.

Background Location Demo

This is a cross platform sample, which demonstrates how to properly perform location updates while the application is either Active or Backgrounded.

Bluetooth LE Explorer

This is a cross-platform app that lets you scan for nearby Bluetooth Low Energy devices, connect to them, enumerate their services, and then enumerate those service characteristics


A classic analog clock but realized entirely with BoxView.

Bracket Stripes

This sample shows how to use bracketing API in AVFoundation.


Bubble-chat which looks similar to the iPhone Messages application.


A familiar game with a new twist.

Button Event Demo

Sample demonstrates how to use a C# event on a button press to run a callback.


This program demonstrates how to create a Button in code and process events from it.


Demonstrates the work with Achievements and Leaderboards using GameKit APIs.


This program demonstrates how to create a Button in XAML and process events from it in the code-behind file.

Calendars and Reminders

Illustrates usage of the EventKit framework including Calendars and Reminders.

Circle Layout

This sample provides an introduction to Collection Views.


This program uses .NET reflection to display a scrollable hierarchy of all Xamarin.Forms classes, structures, and enumerations.


This sample shows how to use CloudKit to upload and retrieve CKRecords and associated assets.


CloudKitAtlas is a sample intended as a quick introduction to CloudKit.


This sample illustrates how to create a custom transition when navigating between two collection views.

Content Controls

A cross platform sample which illustrates simple and advanced usage of some of the following content controls: Web View, Map View, Searching, Navigation.


Enhancing scrollview experience with UIPageViewController, UIScrollView and CATiledLayer.

Core Animation

This sample illustrates how to use core animation in Xamarin.iOS.

Core Location

Sample shows how to retrieve location, orientation, and velocity data using the Core Location API.

Core Telephony Demo

An example showing how to access the users's current call, call center and carrier information.


This sample app demonstrates how to use the image filters from CoreImage Library.


This sample shows the basics of how to probe for the MIDI hardware.


This sample is the companion code for the Introduction to Calabash guide.


This is the sample application for the Xamarin Test Cloud projects, but without any tests written. These serve to act as a start point for those who wish to learn how to write tests using Xamarin Test Cloud but don't want to create their projects.


This sample is the companion code for the Introduction to Xamarin.UITest and the Submitting Tests to Xamarin Test Cloud guides. It has some simple examples of tests written using Xamarin.UITest


This sample illustrates how to derive from NSInputStream and create subclass bridged to CFReadStream.


This sample illustrates how to animate custom properties in a CALayer.

Data Access

This sample illustrates how to use the built in SQLite functionality in iOS.

Dispatch Source Examples

Coordination of specific low-level system events.

Drawing with CoreGraphics

This sample illustrates how to use Core Graphics in Xamarin.iOS.

Embedded Resource

This sample illustrates how to load a resource that has been built into the assembly by setting its build type to EmbeddedResource.

Employee Directory

This is a Xamarin.Forms port of the pre-built sample app Employee Directory. It includes the UI code in both XAML and C#.

File System

This sample application demonstrates how to use the file system in iOS.

Fit: Store and Retrieve HealthKit Data

Fit is a sample intended as a quick introduction to HealthKit.

Font Example

Lists the fonts available on the device and shows a preview of each font.


Display device location on a floorplan image using Core Location.


This program displays all the views, cells, layouts, and pages available in Xamarin.Forms, one per page.

FSSceneKit City

This F# sample shows how to create a randomly generated city using Scene Kit.


A sample demonstrating how to enable Game Center support.

Gesture Recognizers

An example on how to handle touches to move multiple objects.

GL Textured Cube

This sample demonstrates a fractal rotating cube rendered with textures via OpenTK's GL APIs. It shows how code using OpenTK can be shared between Android and iOS.


Shows how to use GLKit to render OpenGL frames and AVFoundation to capture video from camera.

GPS Watch

The sample shows how communicate directly with your containing iOS App.


This sample demonstrates how to display various UI elements in a grid.

Handling Rotation

Shows how to handle user-interface layout changes when device is rotated.

Hello Goodbye

This project shows you how to use the Accessibility API to widen your user base.

Hello iPad

This is a simple hello world application for iPad.

Hello Multi-Screen iPhone

This sample serves as an introduction to the primary pattern used in iOS for user interfaces: MVC.

Hello World: iPhone

A simple hello world sample demonstrating the use of the UIButton and UILabel controls.

Hello, Complex Universal

Sample shows how to create universal applications that will run on both iPhone and iPad.

Hello, iOS

This introductory sample introduces the concepts from the Getting Started guides

Hello, Universal

Sample demonstrating how to create universal applications that will run on both iPhone and iPad.

HTTP Client

An example on using both the .NET and Objective-C classes to send a web requests.

Image Effects

Shows how to create and apply effects to an image using the vImage, Quartz and UIKit.


This sample code shows how to use an Action extension with a view controller.


This sample illustrates how to register a custom NSUrlProtocol.

In-App Purchase Samples

Set of samples intended as a quick introduction to in-app purchases.

iPhone Multichannel Mixer test

Show how to build an Audio Unit graph with Multichannel Mixer and RemoteIO unit.

Kannada Keyboard

Kannada Keyboard is a keyboard extension for the iOS.


Using Apple's keychain storage for storing information securely within an application.


Demonstrates how to add, delete, update and copy Touch ID items to keychain.


This sample demonstrates how to create an alphabetically ordered list with labelled sections.

Lazy Table Images

This sample demonstrates how to lazily download images and add them to table.


Sample shows how to implement a document-browser-like-interface as a flow layout subclass.


Lister is a productivity sample project which includes iOS app and iOS Today extensions app (Widget).


Sample shows how to use a custom presentation controller to create a custom view controller presentation.

Low-Level OpenGL Painting

Sample shows how to use the low-level OpenGL classes to create a touch painting application.

Map Callouts Demo

An example of how to use the MapKit framework.


This sample is an equivalent for Xcode OpenGL ES template.


Extends MetalTexturedQuad sample by adding compute encoder.


Shows how to create a basic textured quad in metal.

MonoCatalog MonoDevelop

A kitchen sink example of common UI elements and APIs used with Xamarin.iOS.

MonoTouch.Dialog Element Walkthrough

This sample demonstrates how to use the Element API with MonoTouch.Dialog.

MonoTouch.Dialog JSON Walkthrough

This sample demonstrates how to use the JSON API with MonoTouch.Dialog.

MonoTouch.Dialog Reflection API Walkthrough

This sample demonstrates how to use the Reflection API with MonTouch.Dialog.

MotionActivityDemo: Integrating Motion Activity into your app

Example of using data with CoreMotion, MotionActivity and Step Counting APIs.


MoviePlayback is an example on how to use the MPMoviePlayerController class to play iOS videos.


A simple cross platform example of using a background thread to perform a long running task.


This sample shows how to сreate Document Provider extensions and work with iCloud storage provider.


This sample illustrates how to work notifications with Apple Push Notification Service.


The NSZombieApocalypse is a contrived game that exemplifies how to use the UIAccessibility protocol.


A collection of samples for using OpenGL in Xamarin.iOS.

OpenGL Paint using GameView

An example on using the iPhoneOSGameView class with OpenGL to create a touch painting application.

OpenGLES Sample

A simple example of using OpenGLES in a Xamarin.iOS application.

OpenGLES Sample using GameView

A simple example of using OpenGLES with a iPhoneOSGameView in a Xamarin.iOS application.


This sample demonstrates the usage of OpenGL in a scroll view.

PaintCode Demo

This sample app shows some PaintCode-generated elements.

PassKit Sample

This sample demonstrates how to interact with passes you have issued in Passbook.

PeoplePicker: Picking a Person or Property

Sample demonstrates how to use the Address Book UI people picker.


Very simple example of sharing C# code across four platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8. Also includes a command-line version as a 'test harness'.

Photo Filter

App extension sample showing you how to implement a Photo Editing extension.

Photo Handoff

Demonstrates how to use Handoff technology.


This sample provides an introduction to Collection Views and illustrates the use of a flow layout.

Poker Night Voting

This sample application utilizes the EventKit API to allow a user to create events at specific times.


This sample demonstrates proper use of UIPopoverController in iOS.

Print Sample

A simple example of using the UIKit Printing API in a Xamarin.iOS application.


This Sample demonstrates how to print to a roll-fed AirPrint printer.


This sample demonstrates how to check and request access to classes in the Privacy Settings.

Protocols, Delegates, and Events

This sample demonstrates how to interact with Objective-C protocols from C#.


Sample detects QR codes and decodes them.

Quartz Sample

A sample of using the Core Graphics capabilities in a Xamarin.iOS application.


Demonstrates how to use the Address Book UI controllers.


This sample application utilizes the legacy string drawing functions and the new attributed string drawing.

Reachability Sample

This sample shows how to find out what kind of connectivity is available.

Recipes and Printing

Sample shows displaying items in a table view, allowing the user to dig into detail pages and view photos.


This sample is an example to generate GeoJSON coverage files for use with the Maps routing apps API.


Sample shows how to use AVFoundation to capture video, process video frames.


The Xamarin.Forms Scale and Rotation properties allow a program to scale and rotate Xamarin.Forms visual elements. This sample demonstrates this functionality using a Slider.

SceneKit F# "Oculus Thrift" (Google Cardboard) Edition

Extends F# Scene Kit for stereoscopic viewing with Google Cardboard.

SceneKit State of the Union Demo

This application render a 3D environment and presents a series of slides with SceneKit objects.

SceneKit Vehicle Demo

Sample shows how to create simple iOS game with SceneKit.

Search Demo

Demonstrates how to create a master-detail style of application.


This is an app extension sample using the Share Extension.

Shared Resources

Sample shows how to work with accelerometer, photo/video library, camera, battery status, contacts, file system, and network activity indicator.

Simple Collection Views

Shows how to use collection Views in iOS.

Simple Drill-Down

Sample shows how you can make a table with cells that allow the user to drill further down to a detailed view.

Simple Text Input Demo

An example showing how to implement a simple text-editing application using Core Text.


Simple app that illustrates how to use background transfers.

Single Word Keyboard

Show how to create KeyboardExtension to provide a new keyboard for the system.

Social Framework Demo

This sample demonstrates using the Social Framework in iOS.

Solitaire Encryption (Xamarin.Forms)

This sample is a C# port of the Solitaire encryption algorithm featured in Neal Stephenson's novel Cryptonomicon.


Example of how to record an AAC file using the iPhone microphone or externally attached recording hardware.


Shows how to use the AVCaptureDevice APIs to zoom with the camera.

Split View

Sample illustrates how to use the UISplitView control for iPad.

Sprite Kit Hello World

This is the Hello World Sprite kit sample, that ships with iOS 7.

Sprite Kit Physics Collisions

This example demostrates physics and collisions between objects when using Sprite Kit.

Sprite Tour

This Sprite Kit example uses multiple scenes to demonstrate different features of the SKSpriteNode class.

Standard Controls

This sample application illustrates how to use a number of standard ui controls


Provides an introduction to Core Motion by demonstrating how to implement virtual reality.


Demonstrates how to use UICollectionView, a way to present ordered data to users in a grid-like fashion.

Streaming Audio

Sample illustrates how to use AudioFileStream to parse an audio stream and play the audio back.

System Sound

This sample demonstrates playing sound via AudioToolkit.

Tabbed Images

Sample demonstrating basic usage of images.


This sample demonstrates the Xamarin.Forms TabbedPage, which allows easy navigation among several similar pages.

Table Editing

Sample that demonstrates how to implement swipe-to-delete and edit mode in UITableView.

Table Parts

This sample illustrates the constituent parts of a table, including rows, sections, headers and footers.

Table Search with UISearchController

Application that demonstrates how to use UISearchController.

Tables and Lists

This sample illustrates the various table and cell styles available out of the box, as well as illustrates how to create custom cells


Tasky is a simple cross-platform todo/task application sample that allows you to track todo/task items.Tasky supports three platforms - iOS, Android and Windows Phone - each with a native UI written in C#. It uses a local SQLite database to store the tasks.

Tasky Portable

This version of Tasky uses a Portable Class Library to encapsulate and share code across iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. For comparison, the Tasky sample uses a Shared Project.

Tasky Pro

The sample illustrates proper application architecture layering and uses a common code base for the Business Layer, Data Access Layer, and Data Layer layers. It then separates out the User Interface and Application Layer into the appropriate device-applications.

Tasky Pro (Calabash)

This project is an example of how to create cross platform function tests for Xamarin Test Cloud using the Calabash framework. You will need have a Test Cloud account and a Test Cloud API key.


This sample demonstrates the flexibility and power of new Text Kit APIs.

This sample shows how to use many of the new iOS 7 font features in your application

This sample shows how to use many of the new iOS 7 font features.


This sample shows how to use Core Data in a multi-threaded environment.


This sample shows how to customize UIKit controls, tintColor, and renderingMode and build custom controls.


Tip calculator is simple cross platform application, which calculates the correct tip amount.


TipCalc is based on an existing iOS and Android sample but has been completely rewritten for Xamarin.Forms using XAML and data-binding. This new version now builds for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Toast Modern

Shows how to test your ideas quickly to save time and money.

Todo (Xamarin.Forms)

Xamarin.Forms provides two solution templates for building cross-platform applications: PCL or Shared Project. This Todo sample application is provided using both templates.

TodoLocalized (Xamarin.Forms)

A complete sample application showing how to localized Xamarin.Forms using RESX. We used Microsoft's Multilingual Application Toolkit to generate the machine translations, but this is not neccessary to build and run the sample.


This sample illustrates how to work with touch in iOS. Specifically, it shows how to handle touch events, use pre-defined gesture


This sample illustrates how to work with touch in iOS.

Touch Cells

An example of how to use a UITableView and display a custom cell within it.


An example on how to handle touches to move multiple objects.

Transitioning to Xcode 4

This sample supplements the article on transitioning Xcode 3 apps to Xcode 4.

Transitions Demo

This sample shows how to create custom view controller transitions in iOS.

UICatalog: Creating and Customizing UIKit Controls

Sample is a catalog exhibiting many views and controls in the UIKit framework.

UIKit Dynamics Catalog

This sample illustrates a number of uses of UIKit Dynamics.


Sample shows how to use VTDecompressionSession to access hardware video decoder.

View Transitions

An example on how to use Core Animation transitions.

WatchKit Catalog: Using WatchKit Interface Elements

WatchKit Catalog is an exploration of the UI elements available in the WatchKit framework.

WatchTables (WatchKit)

Sample code for the Xamarin.iOS WatchKit Table control documentation.

Way Up Sample

An example showing the usage of the ShouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation method.

Weather Map

Sample demonstrates using annotations in MapKit by placing weather forecasts above cities.

Working with Images

This sample demonstrates using application support icons.

World Cities

A simple example of using the Map Kit API in a Xamarin.iOS application.

Xamarin Forms Image Resizer

This app loads an image that is embedded as a resource in a shared project, resizes it, and then displays it on the screen. It's a

XAML Samples

XAML—the eXtensible Application Markup Language—allows developers to define user interfaces in Xamarin.Forms applications using markup rather than code. These samples demonstrate how to utilize XAML with Xamarin.Forms.


This sample implements the classic 14-15 puzzle using Xamarin.Forms.

Zooming PDF Viewer

This sample demonstrates how to use CGPDFDocument class to show PDF files in scroll view.