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MonoMac.CoreText.CTFont: Method Members

The methods of MonoMac.CoreText.CTFont are listed below. For a list of all members, see the CTFont list.

See Also: Object

Public Methods

Releases the resourced used by the CTFont object.
DrawGlyphs(CGContext, UInt16[], PointF[])
Finalizer for the CTFont object
ForString(String, NSRange) : CTFont
GetAdvancesForGlyphs(CTFontOrientation, UInt16[]) : Double
GetAdvancesForGlyphs(CTFontOrientation, UInt16[], SizeF[], Int32) : Double
GetAttribute(NSString) : NSObject
GetAvailableTables(CTFontTableOptions) : CTFontTable[]
GetBoundingRects(CTFontOrientation, UInt16[]) : RectangleF
GetBoundingRects(CTFontOrientation, UInt16[], RectangleF[], Int32) : RectangleF
GetDefaultCascadeList(String[]) : CTFontDescriptor[]
GetFeatures() : CTFontFeatures[]
GetFeatureSettings() : CTFontFeatureSettings[]
GetFontDescriptor() : CTFontDescriptor
GetFontTableData(CTFontTable, CTFontTableOptions) : NSData
GetGlyphsForCharacters(Char[], UInt16[]) : Boolean
GetGlyphsForCharacters(Char[], UInt16[], Int32) : Boolean
GetGlyphWithName(String) : UInt16
GetLigatureCaretPositions(UInt16, Single[]) : Int32
GetLocalizedName(CTFontNameKey) : String
GetName(CTFontNameKey) : String
GetOpticalBounds(UInt16[], RectangleF[], Int32, CTFontOptions) : RectangleF
GetPathForGlyph(UInt16) : CGPath
GetPathForGlyph(UInt16, ref CGAffineTransform) : CGPath
GetSupportedLanguages() : String[]
GetTraits() : CTFontTraits
GetTypeID() : Int32
GetVariation() : CTFontVariation
GetVariationAxes() : CTFontVariationAxes[]
GetVerticalTranslationsForGlyphs(UInt16[], SizeF[], Int32)
ToCGFont() : CGFont
ToCGFont(CTFontDescriptor) : CGFont
ToString() : String
WithAttributes(Single, CTFontDescriptor) : CTFont
WithAttributes(Single, CTFontDescriptor, ref CGAffineTransform) : CTFont
WithFamily(Single, String) : CTFont
WithFamily(Single, String, ref CGAffineTransform) : CTFont
WithSymbolicTraits(Single, CTFontSymbolicTraits, CTFontSymbolicTraits) : CTFont
WithSymbolicTraits(Single, CTFontSymbolicTraits, CTFontSymbolicTraits, ref CGAffineTransform) : CTFont

Protected Methods

Releases the resourced used by the CTFont object.