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Accounts Namespace

The Accounts namespace provides classes for storing social-network account credentials and UIs for authentication.


A global system for storing account information and UI to authenticate to services.

As of iOS 7, the supported services are:

Facebook ACAccountType.Facebook
Sina Weibo ACAccountType.SinaWeibo
Tencent Weibo ACAccountType.TencentWeibo
Twitter ACAccountType.Twitter


ACAccountRepresents a user account stored in the Accounts database.
ACAccountCredentialEncapsulates information needed to authenticate a user.
ACAccountCredentialRenewResultAn enumeration whose values indicate the result of a credential renewal request (see ACAccountStore.RenewCredentials).
ACAccountStoreEncapsulates the Accounts database, providing access to ACAccount objects.
ACAccountStore+NotificationsNotification posted by the ACAccountStore class.
ACAccountStoreRemoveCompletionHandlerA handler to be run when an attempt is made to remove an account from the store.
ACAccountStoreSaveCompletionHandlerA delegate that specifies the completion handler in calls to the ACAccountStore.SaveAccount method.
ACAccountTypeA class that contains information about ACAccounts of a particular type.
AccountStoreOptionsOptions available when requesting Facebook access.
ACErrorCodeAn enumeration whose values indicate various errors relating to accessing accounts.
ACErrorCodeExtensionsExtension methods for the Accounts.ACErrorCode enumeration.
ACFacebookAudienceSpecifies target audience for Facebook posts.
ACFacebookAudienceValueAn enumeration whose values specify the visibility of a post to Facebook.
ACFacebookKeyA class that encapsulates keys necessary for Facebook requests. Used with Accounts.ACAccountStore.RequestAccess (Accounts.ACAccountType, Accounts.AccountStoreOptions, Accounts.ACRequestCompletionHandler).
ACRequestCompletionHandlerA delegate that specifies the handler executed at the completion of calls to ACAccountStore.RequestAccesss.
ACTencentWeiboKeyKey to use when accessing Tencent Weibo accounts. Used with Accounts.ACAccountStore.RequestAccess (Accounts.ACAccountType, Accounts.AccountStoreOptions, Accounts.ACRequestCompletionHandler).