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Android.Hardware.Camera2.Params Namespace




BlackLevelPatternImmutable class to store a 4-element vector of integers corresponding to a 2x2 pattern of color channel offsets used for the black level offsets of each color channel.
ColorSpaceTransformImmutable class for describing a 3x3 matrix of Rational values in row-major order.
FaceDescribes a face detected in an image.
LensShadingMapImmutable class for describing a 4 x N x M lens shading map of floats.
MeteringRectangleAn immutable class to represent a rectangle (x, y, width, height) with an additional weight component.
RggbChannelVectorImmutable class to store a 4-element vector of floats indexable by a bayer RAW 2x2 pixel block.
StreamConfigurationMapImmutable class to store the available stream CameraCharacteristics.ScalerStreamConfigurationMap to set up Surface for creating a CameraCaptureSession with droid.hardware.camera2.CameraCaptureSession.StateCallback,.
TonemapCurveImmutable class for describing a 2 x M x 3 tonemap curve of floats.
TonemapCurveChannelEnumerates values returned by the TonemapCurveChannel.Blue, TonemapCurveChannel.Green, and TonemapCurveChannel.Red members.