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Android.Net Namespace


Classes that help with network access, beyond the normal* APIs.


ConnectivityManagerClass that answers queries about the state of network connectivity.
ConnectivityTypeEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several methods of ConnectivityManager.
CredentialsA class for representing UNIX credentials passed via ancillary data on UNIX domain sockets.
DhcpInfoA simple object for retrieving the results of a DHCP request.
IllegalCharacterFlagsEnumerates values returned by several methods of IllegalCharacterFlags and taken as a parameter of the Android.Net.UrlQuerySanitizer.IllegalCharacterValueSanitizer..ctor member.
IpPrefixThis class represents an IP prefix, i.e., a contiguous block of IP addresses aligned on a power of two boundary (also known as an "IP subnet").
LinkAddressIdentifies an IP address on a network link.
LinkPropertiesDescribes the properties of a network link.
LocalServerSocketNon-standard class for creating an inbound UNIX-domain socket in the Linux abstract namespace.
LocalSocketCreates a (non-server) socket in the UNIX-domain namespace.
LocalSocketAddressA UNIX-domain (AF_LOCAL) socket address.
LocalSocketAddress+NamespaceThe namespace that this address exists in.
MailToMailTo URL parser This class parses a mailto scheme URL and then can be queried for the parsed parameters.
NetCapabilityEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of the NetworkCapabilities.HasCapability, NetworkRequest+Builder.AddCapability, and NetworkRequest+Builder.RemoveCapability members.
NetworkIdentifies a Network.
NetworkCapabilitiesThis class represents the capabilities of a network.
NetworkInfoDescribes the status of a network interface.
NetworkInfo+DetailedStateThe fine-grained state of a network connection.
NetworkInfo+StateCoarse-grained network state.
NetworkRequestDefines a request for a network, made through NoType:android/net/NetworkRequest$Builder;Href=../../../reference/android/net/NetworkRequest.Builder.html and used to request a network via ConnectivityManager.RequestNetwork(NetworkRequest,PendingIntent) or listen for changes via ConnectivityManager.RegisterNetworkCallback(NetworkRequest,PendingIntent).
ParseExceptionThrown when parsing a URL fails.
ProxyA convenience class for accessing the user and default proxy settings.
ProxyInfoDescribes a proxy configuration.
PskKeyManagerProvider of key material for pre-shared key (PSK) key exchange used in TLS-PSK cipher suites.
RouteInfoRepresents a network route.
SocketTypeEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of the Android.Net.LocalSocket..ctor member.
SSLCertificateSocketFactorySSLSocketFactory implementation with several extra features:
  • Timeout specification for SSL handshake operations
  • Hostname verification in most cases (see WARNINGs below)
  • Optional SSL session caching with SSLSessionCache
  • Optionally bypass all SSL certificate checks
The handshake timeout does not apply to actual TCP socket connection.
SSLSessionCacheFile-based cache of established SSL sessions.
TrafficStatsClass that provides network traffic statistics.
TransportTypeEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of the NetworkCapabilities.HasTransport, NetworkRequest+Builder.AddTransportType, and NetworkRequest+Builder.RemoveTransportType members.
UriImmutable URI reference.
Uri+BuilderHelper class for building or manipulating URI references.
UrlQuerySanitizerSanitizes the Query portion of a URL.
UrlQuerySanitizer+IllegalCharacterValueSanitizerSanitize values based on which characters they contain.
UrlQuerySanitizer+IValueSanitizerA functor used to sanitize a single query value.
UrlQuerySanitizer+ParameterValuePairA simple tuple that holds parameter-value pairs.
VpnServiceVpnService is a base class for applications to extend and build their own VPN solutions.
VpnService+BuilderHelper class to create a VPN interface.
WifiModeEnumerates values returned by the WifiMode.Full, WifiMode.FullHighPerf, and WifiMode.ScanOnly members and taken as a parameter of the WifiManager.CreateWifiLock member.
WifiStateEnumerates values returned by several types.