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Android.Service.Voice Namespace




AlwaysOnHotwordDetectorA class that lets a VoiceInteractionService implementation interact with always-on keyphrase detection APIs.
HotwordDetectorStateEnumerates values returned by several methods of HotwordDetectorState and taken as a parameter of the AlwaysOnHotwordDetector+Callback.OnAvailabilityChanged member.
RecognitionFlagEnumerates values returned by the RecognitionFlag.AllowMultipleTriggers, RecognitionFlag.CaptureTriggerAudio, and RecognitionFlag.None members and taken as a parameter of the AlwaysOnHotwordDetector.StartRecognition member.
RecognitionModeEnumerates values returned by the RecognitionMode.UserIdentification, and RecognitionMode.VoiceTrigger members.
VoiceInteractionServiceTop-level service of the current global voice interactor, which is providing support for hotwording, the back-end of a VoiceInteractor, etc.
VoiceInteractionSessionAn active voice interaction session, providing a facility for the implementation to interact with the user in the voice interaction layer.
VoiceInteractionSessionServiceAn active voice interaction session, initiated by a VoiceInteractionService.