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Android.Speech Namespace




BufferReceivedEventArgsProvides data for the SpeechRecognizer.BufferReceived event.
ErrorEventArgsProvides data for the MediaRecorder.Error, SpeechRecognizer.Error event.
EventEventArgsProvides data for the SpeechRecognizer.Event event.
IRecognitionListenerUsed for receiving notifications from the SpeechRecognizer when the recognition related events occur.
PartialResultsEventArgsProvides data for the SpeechRecognizer.PartialResults event.
ReadyForSpeechEventArgsProvides data for the SpeechRecognizer.ReadyForSpeech event.
RecognitionServiceThis class provides a base class for recognition service implementations.
RecognitionService+CallbackThis class receives callbacks from the speech recognition service and forwards them to the user.
RecognizerIntentConstants for supporting speech recognition through starting an Intent
RecognizerResultEnumerates values returned by several methods of RecognizerResult.
RecognizerResultsIntentConstants for intents related to showing speech recognition results.
ResultsEventArgsProvides data for the SpeechRecognizer.PartialResults, and SpeechRecognizer.Results events.
RmsChangedEventArgsProvides data for the SpeechRecognizer.RmsChanged event.
SpeechRecognizerThis class provides access to the speech recognition service.
SpeechRecognizerErrorEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of the Android.Speech.ErrorEventArgs..ctor, IRecognitionListener.OnError, and RecognitionService+Callback.Error members.