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Android.Text.Util Namespace


Utilities for converting identifiable text strings into clickable links and creating RFC 822-type message (SMTP) tokens.


LinkifyLinkify take a piece of text and a regular expression and turns all of the regex matches in the text into clickable links.
Linkify+IMatchFilterMatchFilter enables client code to have more control over what is allowed to match and become a link, and what is not.
Linkify+ITransformFilterTransformFilter enables client code to have more control over how matched patterns are represented as URLs.
MatchOptionsEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of the Linkify.AddLinks, and Linkify.AddLinks members.
Rfc822TokenThis class stores an RFC 822-like name, address, and comment, and provides methods to convert them to quoted strings.
Rfc822TokenizerThis class works as a Tokenizer for MultiAutoCompleteTextView for address list fields, and also provides a method for converting a string of addresses (such as might be typed into such a field) into a series of Rfc822Tokens.