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Android.Util Namespace


Provides common utility methods such as date/time manipulation, base64 encoders and decoders, string and number conversion methods, and XML utilities.


AndroidExceptionBase class for all checked exceptions thrown by the Android frameworks.
AndroidRuntimeExceptionBase class for all unchecked exceptions thrown by the Android frameworks.
ArrayMapArrayMap is a generic key->value mapping data structure that is designed to be more memory efficient than a traditional JavaDictionary.
AtomicFileHelper class for performing atomic operations on a file by creating a backup file until a write has successfully completed.
Base64Utilities for encoding and decoding the Base64 representation of binary data.
Base64DataExceptionThis exception is thrown by Base64InputStream or Base64OutputStream when an error is detected in the data being decoded.
Base64FlagsEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several types.
Base64InputStreamAn InputStream that does Base64 decoding on the data read through it.
Base64OutputStreamAn OutputStream that does Base64 encoding on the data written to it, writing the resulting data to another OutputStream.
ComplexTypeEnumerates values returned by several methods of ComplexType.
ComplexUnitTypeEnumerates values returned by several methods of ComplexUnitType and taken as a parameter of the TypedValue.ApplyDimension, and TextView.SetTextSize members.
Config [Android Documentation]
DataTypeEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of the TypedValue.CoerceToString member.
DisplayMetricsA structure describing general information about a display, such as its size, density, and font scaling.
DisplayMetricsDensityEnumerates values returned by several types.
EventLogAccess to the system diagnostic event record.
EventLog+EventA previously logged event read from the logs.
EventLogTags [Android Documentation]
FloatMathMath routines similar to those found in Math.
IAttributeSetA collection of attributes, as found associated with a tag in an XML document.
IPrinterSimple interface for printing text, allowing redirection to various targets.
JsonReaderReads a JSON () encoded value as a stream of tokens.
JsonTokenA structure, name or value type in a JSON-encoded string.
JsonWriterWrites a JSON () encoded value to a stream, one token at a time.
LayoutDirectionA class for defining layout directions.
LayoutDirectionsEnumerates values returned by several types.
LogAPI for sending log output.
LogPrinterImplementation of a IPrinter that sends its output to the system log.
LogPriorityEnumerates values returned by several methods of LogPriority and taken as a parameter of several types.
LongSparseArraySparseArray mapping longs to Objects.
LruCacheA cache that holds strong references to a limited number of values.
MalformedJsonExceptionThrown when a reader encounters malformed JSON.
MonthDisplayHelperHelps answer common questions that come up when displaying a month in a 6 row calendar grid format.
MutableBoolean [Android Documentation]
MutableByte [Android Documentation]
MutableChar [Android Documentation]
MutableDouble [Android Documentation]
MutableFloat [Android Documentation]
MutableInt [Android Documentation]
MutableLong [Android Documentation]
MutableShort [Android Documentation]
NoSuchPropertyExceptionThrown when code requests a Property on a class that does not expose the appropriate method or field.
PairContainer to ease passing around a tuple of two objects.
PatternsCommonly used regular expression patterns.
PrintStreamPrinterImplementation of a IPrinter that sends its output to a PrintStream.
PrintWriterPrinterImplementation of a IPrinter that sends its output to a PrintWriter.
PropertyA property is an abstraction that can be used to represent a mutable value that is held in a host object. The Property's Android.Util.Property.set(T, V) or Android.Util.Property.get(T) methods can be implemented in terms of the private fields of the host object, or via "setter" and "getter" methods or by some other mechanism, as appropriate.
RangeImmutable class for describing the range of two numeric values.
SizeImmutable class for describing width and height dimensions in pixels.
SizeFImmutable class for describing width and height dimensions in some arbitrary unit.
SparseArraySparseArrays map integers to Objects.
SparseArray<E>SparseArrays map integers to Objects.
SparseBooleanArraySparseBooleanArrays map integers to booleans.
SparseIntArraySparseIntArrays map integers to integers.
SparseLongArraySparseLongArrays map integers to longs.
StateSetState sets are arrays of positive ints where each element represents the state of a View (e.g. focused, selected, visible, etc.
StringBuilderPrinterImplementation of a IPrinter that sends its output to a StringBuilder.
TimeFormatException [Android Documentation]
TimeUtilsA class containing utility methods related to time zones.
TimingLoggerA utility class to help log timings splits throughout a method call.
TypedValueContainer for a dynamically typed data value.
XmlXML utility methods.
Xml+EncodingSupported character encodings.