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CarPlay Namespace




CPAlertActionAn action that is displayed on a button in an alert.
CPAlertActionStyleEnumerates the styles for a CPAlert object's action button.
CPApplicationDelegateThe application delegate for CarPlay applications.
CPApplicationDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to implement the optional members of the CPApplicationDelegate protocol.
CPBarButtonA button in the navigation bar.
CPBarButtonTypeEnumerates the kinds of CPBarButton.
CPGridButtonA menu item displayed in a CPGridTemplate.
CPGridTemplate CPTemplate subclass that displays a menu in grid form.
CPInterfaceControllerA system-created controller object (similar, but not derived from, UIViewontroller).
CPInterfaceControllerDelegateDefault implementation of ICPInterfaceControllerDelegate, the delegate object for CPInterfaceController objects.
CPInterfaceControllerDelegate_ExtensionsInterface for the mandatory methods of the CPInterfaceControllerDelegate protocol.
CPLimitableUserInterfaceFlagging enumeration that describes how the UI might be limited.
CPListItemA line in a CPListTemplate.
CPListSectionOrganizational element within a CPListTemplate.
CPListTemplate CPTemplate that presents a hierarchical menu of choices.
CPListTemplateDelegateAbstract implementation of ICPListTemplateDelegate, the delegate object for CPListTemplate objects.
CPManeuverA step in a CPTrip.
CPMapButtonA button displayed on the CPMapTemplate.
CPMapTemplate CPTemplate subclass that displays a map.
CPMapTemplateDelegateDefault implementation of ICPMapTemplateDelegate, providing the delegate object for CPMapTemplate objects.
CPMapTemplateDelegate_ExtensionsOptional methods within the ICPMapTemplateDelegate protocol.
CPNavigationAlertA banner displayed with high-priority.
CPNavigationAlertDismissalContextEnumerates the reasons why a navigation alert was dismissed.
CPNavigationSessionA session that may involve planning, updating, and executing a trip.
CPPanDirectionEnumerates the directions of panning the navigation map.
CPRouteChoiceA possible route for the trip.
CPSearchTemplate CPTemplate subclass showing the destination search results.
CPSearchTemplateDelegateDelegate object for the CPSearchTemplate class.
CPSessionConfigurationClass that responds to user-interface configuration changes.
CPSessionConfigurationDelegateAbstract implementation of Carlay.ICPSessionConfigurationDelegate.
CPTemplateAbstract base class for CarPlay user interface templates.
CPTravelEstimatesEstimates of time and distance requirements for requested navigation.
CPTripA journey from CPTrip.Origin to CPTrip.Destination.
CPTripPauseReasonEnumerates the reasons why the current trip has been paused.
CPVoiceControlTemplate CPTemplate subclass for displaying the voice control indicator.
CPWindow+CPWindowAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type CPWindow.
ICPApplicationDelegateApplication delegate for the required methods of the CPApplicationDelegate protocol.
ICPBarButtonProvidingInterface defining necessary methods for the CPBarButtonProviding protocol.
ICPInterfaceControllerDelegateDelegate object for ICPInterfaceController objects.
ICPListTemplateDelegateDelegate object for CPListTemplate objects.
ICPMapTemplateDelegateDelegate object for CPMapTemplate objects.
ICPSearchTemplateDelegateDelegate object used by CPSearchTemplate.
ICPSessionConfigurationDelegateDelegate object used by CPSessionConfiguration.