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ClassKit Namespace




CLSActivityEncapsulates and interaction between the student and a task for a context.
CLSActivityItemBase class for activity items.
CLSBinaryValueTypeEnumerates activity outcome types.
CLSContextA node in a ClassKit context hierarchy.
CLSContextTopicEnumerates topics for contexts.
CLSContextTypeEnumerates curriculum units.
CLSDataStoreManages ClassKit data by operating on hierarchical contexts, such as acts, chapters, sections, and so on.
CLSDataStoreDelegateDelegate for requesting new data store contexts.
CLSErrorCodeEnumerates ClassKit error codes.
CLSErrorCodeExtensionsExtension method for retrieving the error domain of a ClassKit error.
CLSErrorUserInfoKeysContains keys for accessing error data.
CLSObjectBase class for ClassKit objects.
CLSPredicateKeyPathEnumerates key paths for retrieving ClassKit contexts.
CLSQuantityItemRepresents a quantitative data item.
CLSScoreItemRepresents a score for a test or quiz.
ICLSDataStoreDelegateDelegate for requesting data store contexts.