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EventKit Namespace

The EventKit namespace provides classes for manipulating the system calendar.




EKAlarmAn alarm in the user's EKCalendar.
EKAlarmProximityAn enumeration whose values specify whether an event was raised by entering or leaving a region.
EKAuthorizationStatusAn enumeration whose values specify the restrictions on access to the EKEventStore. Retrieved by calling the EKEventStore.GetAuthorizationStatus method.
EKCalendarA user's calendar.
EKCalendarEventAvailabilitySpecifies the types of availability information the calendar is capable of providing for its associated events.
EKCalendarItemThe base class for calendar events and reminders.
EKCalendarTypeSpecifies the type of a calendar.
EKDayEnumeration of the days of the week.
EKEntityMaskAn enumeration whose values represent the allowed entity types for a EKCalendar.
EKEntityTypeAn enumeration that specifies whether an entity is an event or a reminder.
EKErrorCodeErrors returned by Event Kit.
EKErrorCodeExtensionsExtension methods for the EventKit.EKErrorCode enumeration.
EKEventAn event in a user's calendar.
EKEventAvailabilityTypes of availability
EKEventSearchCallbackDelegate signature for the event enumeration method in EKEventStore
EKEventStatusThe event status.
EKEventStoreThe repository for Calendar and Reminder events.
EKEventStore+NotificationsNotification posted by the EKEventStore class.
EKObjectThe base-class for persistent Event Kit classes.
EKParticipantPerson invited to an event.
EKParticipantRoleThe role of an EKParticipant
EKParticipantStatusThe status of a participant.
EKParticipantTypeThe kind of participant to the event.
EKRecurrenceDayOfWeekRepresents a day of the week for use with EKRecurrenceRule.
EKRecurrenceEndRepresents how the EKRecurrence ends. Either by number of ocurrences or using a specific date.
EKRecurrenceFrequencyThe recurring frequency for the event.
EKRecurrenceRuleDescribes the recurring rule for an event.
EKReminderA calendar reminder.
EKSourceEncapsulates an account that a calendar reflects.
EKSourceTypeAn enumeration whose values indicate the type of a EKSource object.
EKSpanDetermines how changes to an event will be applied, either it affects a single instance or affects all instances.
EKStructuredLocationA 'geofence' that can trigger a calendar item.
EKWeekdayEnumerates the days of the week.