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Foundation Namespace

The Foundation namespace provides lower-level classes in the Objective-C world. Often these classes have equivalents in the .NET Base Class Library.


MonoTouch bindings are largely built on the Objective-C extension to the Mono runtime that allows seamless integration between Objective-C and C# objects. This namespace provides bindings to Apple's Foundation framework.


ActionAttributeFlags a method to respond to an Objective-C action
AdviceAttributeAn attribute that can be used to give programming advice to a user of a function or class.
ConnectAttributeExposes a property as an Interface Builder Outlet.
DictionaryContainerConvenience base class used by strongly-typed classes that wrap NSDictionary-based settings.
EncodingDetectionOptionsA DictionaryContainer containing hints for detecting the encoding of an NSString.
EnumerateDatesCallbackCompletion handler for the NSCalendar.EnumerateDatesStartingAfterDate method.
EnumerateIndexSetCallbackDefines the enumerator callback in calls to NSIndexSet.EnumerateIndexes.
ExportAttributeExports a method or property to the Objective-C world.
FieldAttributeThis attribute is present on properties to indicate that they reflect an underlying unmanaged global variable.
INSCacheDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSCacheDelegate.
INSCodingInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSCoding.
INSCopyingInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSCopying.
INSDiscardableContentInterface for a class that can save memory by discarding some of its subcomponents when they are not in use.
INSExtensionRequestHandlingInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSExtensionRequestHandling.
INSFileManagerDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSFileManagerDelegate.
INSFilePresenterInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSFilePresenter.
INSItemProviderWritingInterface used by NSItemProvider for retrieving data from an object.
INSKeyedArchiverDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSKeyedArchiverDelegate.
INSKeyedUnarchiverDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSKeyedUnarchiverDelegate.
INSLockingInterface that, together with the NSLocking_Extensions class, comprise the NSLocking protocol.
INSMachPortDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSMachPortDelegate.
INSMetadataQueryDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSMetadataQueryDelegate.
INSMutableCopyingInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSMutableCopying.
INSNetServiceBrowserDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSNetServiceBrowserDelegate.
INSNetServiceDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSNetServiceDelegate.
INSObjectProtocolBase-level object protocol required to be considered a first class Objective-C object.
INSPortDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSPortDelegate.
INSProgressReportingInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSProgressReporting.
INSSecureCodingThe secure coding category.
INSStreamDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSStreamDelegate.
INSURLAuthenticationChallengeSenderInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSURLAuthenticationChallengeSender.
INSUrlConnectionDataDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSUrlConnectionDataDelegate.
INSUrlConnectionDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSUrlConnectionDelegate.
INSUrlConnectionDownloadDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSUrlConnectionDownloadDelegate.
INSUrlProtocolClientThe URL protocol client category.
INSUrlSessionDataDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSUrlSessionDataDelegate.
INSUrlSessionDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSUrlSessionDelegate.
INSUrlSessionDownloadDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSUrlSessionDownloadDelegate.
INSUrlSessionStreamDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSUrlSessionStreamDelegate.
INSUrlSessionTaskDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSUrlSessionTaskDelegate.
INSUserActivityDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NSUserActivityDelegate.
LinkerSafeAttributeAssembly-level attributed used to inform MonoTouch's linker that this assembly can be safely linked, regardless of the system linker settings.
ModelAttributeFlag a class as a model.
ModelNotImplementedExceptionAn convenience exception used in Model method implementations.
MonoTouchExceptionException throw to wrap NSExceptions.
NSActivityOptionsA flagging enumeration whose values can be used with NSProcessInfo.BeginActivity.
NSAlignmentOptionsAn enumeration of values used by alignment functions.
NSArchiveReplaceEventArgsProvides data for the NSArchiveReplaceEventArgs.ReplacingObject and NSArchiveReplaceEventArgs.ReplacingObject events.
NSArrayAn untyped Objective-C array.
NSAttributedRangeCallbackA delegate that specifies the callback for the NSAttributedString.EnumerateAttributes method.
NSAttributedStringStrings that can be annotated with a set of attributes.
NSAttributedStringCallbackA delegate that specifies the callback for the NSAttributedString.EnumerateAttribute method.
NSAttributedStringDocumentAttributesA DictionaryContainer that provides document attributes for NSAttributedStrings.
NSAttributedStringEnumerationAn enumeration whose values specify the options to be used in the NSAttributedString.EnumerateAttribute and NSAttributedString.EnumerateAttributes methods.
NSAutoreleasePoolA class used to keep track of objects to be released at a later time.
NSBlockOperationA subtype of NSOperation that concurrently executes multiple blocks.
NSBundleApplication bundle support; Introspection services.
NSBundleExecutableArchitectureThe bundle's architecture.
NSBundleResourceRequestRequests on-demand downloadable resources available from the App Store.
NSByteCountFormatterA class that can format a string for displaying a count of bytes.
NSByteCountFormatterCountStyleAn enumeration whose values specify how byte units are calculated (e.g., if "KB" indicates 1000 or 1024 bytes).
NSByteCountFormatterUnitsAn enumeration whose values specify the units to be displayed by a NSByteCountFormatter.
NSCacheA collection of key-value pairs, often containing values of type NSDiscardableContent, intended to hold transient, but expensive-to-calculate, data.
NSCacheDelegateWhen overridden, allows the application developer fine-grained control over the eviction or removal of elements from an NSCache.
NSCacheDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSCacheDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSCacheDelegate protocol.
NSCachedUrlResponseAn object that can be stored and retrieved by instances of NSURLCache, combining objects representing the response, data, and application-specific information.
NSCalculationErrorAn enumeration whose values indicate a specific calculation error (e.g., underflow, division by zero, loss of precision).
NSCalendarCalendar reprensetation.
NSCalendar+NotificationsNotification posted by the NSCalendar class.
NSCalendarOptionsA flagging enumeration whose values specify options in calls to NSCalendar.Components and NSCalendar.DateByAddingComponents.
NSCalendarTypeCalendar types that can be used with the NSCalendar constructor.
NSCalendarUnitAn enumeration whose values specify calendrical units (e.g., seconds, months, eras).
NSCharacterSetA class that encapsulates an immutable set of Unicode characters.
NSCocoaErrorEnumeration of various errors relating to Cocoa development.
NSCoderSerialization framework for NSObjects.
NSCodingDefines the methods that must be implemented for serializing and deserializing objects using Cocoa's serialization technology.
NSComparatorA delegate that defines the comparison function to be used with functins such as NSArray.Sort.
NSComparisonPredicateA subtype of NSPredicate that is used to compare NSExpressions.
NSComparisonPredicateModifierAn enumeration whose values specify how a NSComparisonPredicate should apply to an n-to-many relationship.
NSComparisonPredicateOptionsAn enumeration whose values specify the type of string comparison to be used in a NSComparisonPredicate.
NSComparisonResultComparison result in the Foundation Framework.
NSCompoundPredicateA subtype of NSPredicate that is used to calculate Boolean logical operations.
NSCompoundPredicateTypeAn enumeration whose values specify the Boolean logical operator to be applied to a NSCompoundPredicate.
NSConditionEncapsulates POSIX-like conditions.
NSConditionLockAllows objects to acquire thread locks based on NSCondition objects.
NSCopyingConcrete implementation of the INSCopying interface.
NSDataByte buffer manipulation.
NSDataBase64DecodingOptionsA flagging enumeration that can be used with the NSData.NSData(NSData,NSDataBase64DecodingOptions) constructor.
NSDataBase64EncodingOptionsA flagging enumeration that can be used to specify options for NSData.GetBase64EncodedData and NSData.GetBase64EncodedString.
NSDataByteRangeEnumeratorThe delegate used to enumerate in calls to NSData.EnumerateByRange.
NSDataDetectorSubclass of NSRegularExpression with support for specific types of data (dates, addresses, etc.).
NSDataReadingOptionsFlags that determine how NSData loads files.
NSDataSearchOptionsFlags controling the search in NSData's Find method.
NSDataWritingOptionsAn enumeration of options to be used when writing NSData objects.
NSDateDate operations.
NSDateComponentsRepresents a date in a specific NSCalendar.
NSDateComponentsFormatterFormats NSDateComponents objects as localized strings. Can represent, for instance, hours and minutes as "2h 20m".
NSDateComponentsFormatterUnitsStyleEnumerates NSDateComponentsFormatter output styles.
NSDateComponentsFormatterZeroFormattingBehaviorEnumerates how zero values should be dealt with by a NSDateComponentsFormatter.
NSDateComponentsWrappingBehaviorAn enumeration that allows the application developer to specify whether calendar components should be wrapped.
NSDateFormatterUsed to parse and render dates in various forms.
NSDateFormatterBehaviorAn enumeration that can specify whether the NSDateFormatter should behave as it did prior to OS x v10.4
NSDateFormatterStyleAn enumeration of values that specify different date-format styles.
NSDateIntervalNative class for calculating the difference between dates.
NSDateIntervalFormatterOutputs date ranges in localized format (for instance, "Tuesday, Sept 2, 2014 - Thursday, Sept 4, 2014").
NSDateIntervalFormatterStyleEnumerates the output styles of a NSDateIntervalFormatter.
NSDecimalRepresents an immutable value that can range from mantissa*10^exponent where mantissa is a decimal integer of up to 38 digits length, and the exponent is an integer that can range from -128 through 127.
NSDecimalNumberObjective-C Decimal number.
NSDecoderCallbackA delegate that specifies the callback function for the NSKeyedUnarchiver.DecodedObject property.
NSDecoderHandlerA delegate that specifies the callback function for the NSKeyedUnarchiver.CannotDecodeClass property.
NSDecodingFailurePolicyEnumerates the manner in which a NSCoder fails. (See NSCoder.FailurePolicy)
NSDictionaryDictionary that provides mapping from keys to values.
NSDimensionBase class for NSUnit objects that represent dimensional quantities.
NSDirectoryEnumerationOptionsAn enumeration of options for use with NSDirectoryEnumerator.
NSDirectoryEnumeratorEnumerates the contents of a directory.
NSDistributedNotificationCenterAllows notifications to be sent to objects in other tasks.
NSDocumentTypeAn enumeration of known document types. Used with the NSAttributedStringDocumentAttributes.DocumentType property.
NSDocumentViewModeAn enumeration that specifies how a document is being viewed. Used with the NSAttributedStringDocumentAttributes.ViewMode property.
NSEncodeHookA delegate that specifies the function to be called by the NSKeyedArchiver.WillEncode method.
NSEnergyFormatterFormats Joule and Calorie data as a localized string.
NSEnergyFormatterUnitThe unit to be used by a NSEnergyFormatter.
NSEnumerateErrorHandlerA delegate that specifies the error handler for use in NSFileManager.GetEnumerator.
NSEnumerateLinguisticTagsEnumeratorAn enumerator to pass to methods in the NSLinguisticAnalysis class.
NSEnumerationOptionsAn enumeration of valid options for use when enumerating over Blocks.
NSEnumeratorAbstract class used to enumerate certain MonoTouch.Foundation classes.
NSErrorEncapsulates an error.
NSErrorEventArgsProvides data for the NSErrorEventArgs.DidFailToLocateUser and NSErrorEventArgs.LoadingMapFailed, NSErrorEventArgs.DeferredUpdatesFinished and NSErrorEventArgs.Failed and NSErrorEventArgs.Failed and NSErrorEventArgs.AdvertisingStarted, NSErrorEventArgs.DiscoveredService and NSErrorEventArgs.RssiUpdated events.
NSErrorExceptionException that wraps an Objective-C NSError.
NSErrorUserInfoValueProviderDelegate returned by NSError.GetUserInfoValueProvider.
NSExceptionObjective-C Exception.
NSExpressionEncapsulates an expression to be used with a NSComparisonPredicates.
NSExpressionHandlerA delegate that specifies the target of the NSExpression.FromFunction method.
NSExpressionTypeAn enumeration of valid types for a NSExpression.
NSExtensionContextThe context in which an extension is running.
NSExtensionContext+NotificationsClass that contains handlers for extension context notifications.
NSExtensionItemAn immutable collection of data regarding the object which the extension is manipulating.
NSExtensionRequestHandlingDefines the NSExtensionRequestHandling.BeginRequestWithExtensionContext lifecycle hook.
NSFileAccessIntentHolds the details of asynchronous read and write operations being coordinated by a NSFileCoordinator.
NSFileAttributesEncapsulates file attributes for use with NSFileManager.
NSFileCoordinatorA class that helps coordinate simultaneous reading and writing to files among multiple processes and multiple objects.
NSFileCoordinatorReadingOptionsAn enumeration of options relating to reading the contents or attributes of a file or directory.
NSFileCoordinatorWorkerRWA delegate that used with a number of coordinated read-and-write functions in NSFileCoordinator.
NSFileCoordinatorWritingOptionsAn enumeration of options valid when changing the contents or attributes of a file or directory.
NSFileHandleEncapsulates a file descriptor.
NSFileHandle+NotificationsNotification posted by the NSFileHandle class.
NSFileHandleConnectionAcceptedEventArgsProvides data for the event.
NSFileHandleReadEventArgsProvides data for the event.
NSFileManagerAn abstraction over the underlying file system that allows for common file discovery and manipulation actions.
NSFileManager+NotificationsNotification posted by the NSFileManager class.
NSFileManagerDelegateA delegate that, when overridden, allows the application developer fine-grained control over events relating to common file discovery and manipulation actions.
NSFileManagerDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSFileManagerDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSFileManagerDelegate protocol.
NSFileManagerItemReplacementOptionsAn enumeration of options for use with NSFileManager.Replace.
NSFilePresenterIn conjunction with a NSFileCoordinator, allows the application developer to respond to events relating to the presentation of a file.
NSFilePresenter_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSFilePresenter interface to support all the methods from the NSFilePresenter protocol.
NSFilePresenterReacquirerCompletion handler for relinquishing a file to a reader.
NSFileProtectionEnumerates file protection levels.
NSFileProviderServiceA communication channel between the developer's app and a File Provider extension.
NSFileSystemAttributesFile system attributes (size, blocks and free information).
NSFileTypeFile kind enumeration.
NSFileVersionA snapshot of a file at a specific point in time.
NSFileVersionAddingOptionsAllows the application developer to specify that a new file version should be created by moving the source file.
NSFileVersionReplacingOptionsAllows the application developer to specify that the old version of the file should be removed from the version store.
NSFileWrapperEncapsulates the attributes and contents of file-system nodes, which include files, directories, and symbolic links.
NSFileWrapperReadingOptionsAn enumeration of options to be used when reading a file-system node.
NSFileWrapperWritingOptionsAn enumeration of options to be used when writing a file-system node.
NSFormatterBase class for NSDateFormatter, provides methods for parsing and rendering types.
NSFormattingContextEnumerates the position of the data being formatted. Used with NSByteCountFormatter and NSDateComponentsFormatter.
NSFormattingUnitStyleEnumerates the style (desired length) of an NSLengthFormatter, NSEnergyFormatter, or NSMassFormatter.
NSHttpCookieHTTP Cookie
NSHttpCookieAcceptPolicyAn enumeration whose values specify valid strategies for accepting NSHttpCookies.
NSHttpCookieStorageA singleton object that manages a collection of NSHttpCookies.
NSHttpCookieStorage+NotificationsClass that contains handlers for cookie storage notifications.
NSHttpUrlResponseRepresents the response from an HTTP request.
NSIndexPathRepresents the path to a node in a tree. In iOS this class is most commonly used to identify a row in a UITableView.
NSIndexSetAn immutable collection of unique unsigned integers that are stored as a collection of sorted ranges (and thus is unsuitable as a general collection class).
NSInputStreamA read-only input NSStream.
NSInvocationRepresents an Objective-C message (method call) that can be serialized, stored, etc. primarily by <see cref=T:MonoTouch.Foundation.NSTimer/> objects.
NSIso8601DateFormatOptionsA flagging enumeration of formatting options for use with NSIso8601DateFormatter.
NSIso8601DateFormatterFormats NSDate objects.
NSItemDownloadingStatusEnumerates download status values.
NSItemProviderCoordinates the data used by an NSExtensionItem and its NSExtensionItem.Properties.
NSItemProviderCompletionHandlerThe completion handler used with NSItemProviderLoadHandler delegates.
NSItemProviderErrorCodeEnumerates errors relating to NSItemProvider methods.
NSItemProviderLoadHandlerDefines the load handler for use with the NSItemProvider.RegisterItemForTypeIdentifier and NSItemProvider.SetPreviewImageHandler methods.
NSJavaScriptExtensionDefines the strings associated with the constants NSExtensionJavaScriptFinalizeArgumentKey and NSExtensionJavaScriptPreprocessingResultsKey.
NSJsonReadingOptionsOptions for use when converting JSON data to instances of Foundation types.
NSJsonSerializationAllows conversion of a limited set of Foundation types to and from JSON.
NSJsonWritingOptionsAn enumeration specifying printing options (compact vs. pretty-printed) for JSON data.
NSKeyedArchiverA concrete implementation of NSCoder that serializes to files.
NSKeyedArchiverDelegateMethods that can be invoked by the NSKeyedArchiver during serialization.
NSKeyedArchiverDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSKeyedArchiverDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSKeyedArchiverDelegate protocol.
NSKeyedUnarchiverA concrete subclass of NSCoder used to deserialize state from files.
NSKeyedUnarchiverDelegateMethods that can be invoked by the NSKeyedUnarchiver during serialization.
NSKeyedUnarchiverDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSKeyedUnarchiverDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSKeyedUnarchiverDelegate protocol.
NSKeyValueChangeAn enumeration indicating the type of change occurring in the NSObject.WillChange and NSObject.DidChange methods.
NSKeyValueObservingOptionsAn enumeration of values specifying options to be used with the NSObject.AddObserver method.
NSKeyValueSetMutationKindAn enumeration of values indicating the operation being performed on a mutable key-value store.
NSKeyValueSorting_NSMutableOrderedSetDefines an extension method for T:NSMutableOrderedSet objects, allowing them to be sorted using NSSortDescriptor objects.
NSKeyValueSorting_NSOrderedSetDefines an extension method for NSOrderedSet objects, allowing sorting by NSSortDescriptor objects.
NSLengthFormatterFormats distances as localized strings.
NSLengthFormatterUnitEnumerates units of length (foot, meter, etc.) for use with NSLengthFormatter.
NSLigatureTypeAn enumeration that defines the valid ligature types of an NSAttributedString.
NSLinguisticTagContains read-only static properties corresponding to the parts of speech recognized by a NSLinguisticTagger.
NSLinguisticTaggerAutomatically segments text into parts of speech (e.g., nouns, verbs, numbers, etc.).
NSLinguisticTaggerOptionsAn enumeration of options for use with NSLinguisticTagger.
NSLinguisticTaggerUnitEnumerate the linguistic units recognized by the NSLinguisticTagger class.
NSLinguisticTagSchemeEnumerates classes of tags that are returned from a text classifier.
NSLinguisticTagUnitEnumerates tag values for linguistic units.
NSLingusticEnumeratorA delegate that enumerates values for NSLinguisticTagger.EnumerateTagsInRange.
NSLocaleEncapsulates parameters about user language, cultural and technical conventions.
NSLocale+NotificationsNotification posted by the NSLocale class.
NSLocaleLanguageDirectionAn enumeration of values that specify the direction of text for a language.
NSLockA system-level thread locking object.
NSMachPortAn NSPort that represents a Mach port. Only can be used for local-machine communication (see NSSocketPort).
NSMachPortDelegateThe delegate object for NSMachPort objects. Provides events for received messages.
NSMachPortDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSMachPortDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSMachPortDelegate protocol.
NSMachPortRightsA flagging enumeration whose values specify options in calls to NSMachPort.FromMachPort.
NSMassFormatterFormats masses as localized strings.
NSMassFormatterUnitEnumerates mass units (lb, kg, stone).
NSMatchEnumeratorDelegate applied to results in NSRegularExpression.EnumerateMatches.
NSMatchingFlagsEnumerates flags for use with the NSMatchEnumerator delegate.
NSMatchingOptionsEnumerates options for use with NSRegularExpression regular expression objects.
NSMeasurementFormatterEnumerates measurement option flags.
NSMetadataItemThe metadata associated with a file.
NSMetadataQueryA query of Spotlight metadata.
NSMetadataQuery+NotificationsNotification posted by the NSMetadataQuery class.
NSMetadataQueryAttributeValueTupleTuples that encapsulate an attribute, a value, and the count of times that value occurs for the attribute.
NSMetadataQueryDelegateDefines optional methods relating to the lifecycle of NSMetadataQuerys.
NSMetadataQueryDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSMetadataQueryDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSMetadataQueryDelegate protocol.
NSMetadataQueryEnumerationCallbackThe delegate used as the callback in calls to NSMetadataQuery.EnumerateResultsUsingBlock and EnumerateResultsWithOptions.
NSMetadataQueryObjectA delegate that defines the value for NSMetadataQuery.ReplacementObjectForResultObject.
NSMetadataQueryResultGroupA collection of grouped results returned by a NSMetadataQuery.
NSMetadataQueryValueA delegate that defines the value for NSMetadataQuery.ReplacementValueForAttributeValue.
NSMethodSignatureRepresents a function signature. Returned by the NSInvocation.MethodSignature property.
NSMutableArrayAn ordered, changeable collection of objects.
NSMutableAttributedStringMutable strings that can be annotated with a set of attributes.
NSMutableCharacterSetA mutable NSCharacterSet: a set of Unicode characters.
NSMutableCopyingImplementors of the INSMutableCopying interface produce mutable copies of an object. Types that do not have mutable and immutable subtypes should instead implement NSCopying.
NSMutableDataDynamic byte buffer manipulation.
NSMutableDictionaryA changeable collection of key-value pairs, with unique keys.
NSMutableIndexSetRepresents a mutable collection of unique, unsigned integers (UInt32). These integers are also known as indexes.
NSMutableOrderedSetA mutable NSOrderedSet.
NSMutableSetAn unordered, changeable collection of unique objects.
NSMutableStringThe Foundation framework mutable string class.
NSMutableUrlRequestEncapsulates a URL request, can be modified after creation.
NSNetDomainEventArgsProvides data for the NSNetDomainEventArgs.DomainRemoved and NSNetDomainEventArgs.FoundDomain events.
NSNetServiceUsed to expose network services using multicast DNS (ZeroConf).
NSNetServiceBrowserNetwork service browser for ZeroConf-provided services.
NSNetServiceBrowserDelegateDelegate class for NSNetService.
NSNetServiceBrowserDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSNetServiceBrowserDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSNetServiceBrowserDelegate protocol.
NSNetServiceConnectionEventArgsProvides data for the NSNetServiceConnectionEventArgs.DidAcceptConnection event.
NSNetServiceDataEventArgsProvides data for the NSNetServiceDataEventArgs.UpdatedTxtRecordData event.
NSNetServiceDelegateDelegate class for NSNetService.
NSNetServiceDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSNetServiceDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSNetServiceDelegate protocol.
NSNetServiceErrorEventArgsProvides data for the NSNetServiceErrorEventArgs.PublishFailure and NSNetServiceErrorEventArgs.ResolveFailure and NSNetServiceErrorEventArgs.NotSearched events.
NSNetServiceEventArgsProvides data for the NSNetServiceEventArgs.FoundService and NSNetServiceEventArgs.ServiceRemoved events.
NSNetServiceOptionsNSNetService options.
NSNetServicesStatusStatus codes for the NSNetService.
NSNotificationInter-application messages that are broadcast on the NSNotificationCenter.
NSNotificationCenterA notification hub for the application.
NSNotificationCoalescingAn enumeration of ways in which NSNotifications can be coalesced.
NSNotificationEventArgsProvides data for the event.
NSNotificationQueueA class that represents a buffer for instances of NSNotificationCenter, allowing notifications to be buffered and coalesced.
NSNullEncapsulates a singleton object that can be used to represent a null value. Note that this singleton will not evaluate as equal to null.
NSNumberBinding to Objective-C API to box numbers (value types).
NSNumberFormatterRepresents numbers as strings, with a variety of formatting options.
NSNumberFormatterBehaviorAn enumeration whose values specify whether the number formatter should behave as it did before OS X v10.4
NSNumberFormatterPadPositionAn enumeration whose values indicates where padding should be applied to numbers.
NSNumberFormatterRoundingModeAn enumeration of rounding modes that can be applied to numbers.
NSNumberFormatterStyleAn enumeration of formats that can be used with numbers.
NSObjectBase class for all bound objects that map to Objective-C objects.
NSObjectEventArgsProvides data for the NSObjectEventArgs.EncodedObject and NSObjectEventArgs.WillEvictObject events.
NSObjectFlagSentinel class used by the MonoTouch framework.
NSObjectProtocol_ExtensionsExtension class that, together with the INSObjectProtocol interface, comprise the NSObjectProtocol protocol.
NSObservedChangeChanges that ocurred to an object being observed by Key-Value-Observing
NSOperatingSystemVersionDefines the operating system version. Particularly for use with the NSProcessInfo.IsOperatingSystemAtLeastVersion method.
NSOperationA class that encapsulates the code and data necessary to perform a task that can be executed on a thread. Application developers should either inherit from this class or use a predefined subclass such as NSInvocationOperation or NSBlockOperation.
NSOperationQueueA class that coordinates and manages the execution of a sequence of NSOperation objects.
NSOperationQueuePriorityAn enumeration of values that specify the priority of an operation, relative to others, in a NSOperationQueue.
NSOrderedSetAn immutable collection of objects, that are sorted and unique.
NSOrthographyA class that associates a dominant language and script with a piece of text. It is used primarily for purposes such as spell- and grammar-checking.
NSOutputStreamA write-only NSStream.
NSPersonNameComponentRepresents the components of a person name.
NSPersonNameComponentsDefines elements of a person's name, to be used with PKContact.Name.
NSPersonNameComponentsFormatterProvides a localized representation of a NSPersonNameComponents.
NSPersonNameComponentsFormatterOptionsContains a constant that, if specified, indicates that the phonetic representation of a name should be formatted, rather than the name object's own components.
NSPersonNameComponentsFormatterStyleEnumerates values that control the way that names are displayed.
NSPipeA class that encapsulates an operating system pipe.
NSPortA communications port on the device.
NSPortDelegateThe delegate object for NSPort objects. Provides an event for message received.
NSPortDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSPortDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSPortDelegate protocol.
NSPortMessageHolds a message received by a NSPort.
NSPostingStyleAn enumeration of values that specify when a notification shouldbe posted.
NSPredicateA class that represents an expression that, when evaluated, returns a boolean result.
NSPredicateEvaluatorA delegate that represents the expression to use with NSPredicate.FromExpression.
NSPredicateOperatorTypeAn enumeration of values that specify comparison types for use with NSComparisonPredicate.
NSPredicateSupport_NSArrayExtension method for NSArray objects, allowing them to be filtered with a NSPredicate.
NSPredicateSupport_NSMutableArrayHelper metohds for applying predicates to mutable arrays.
NSPredicateSupport_NSMutableOrderedSetDefines an extension method for NSMutableOrderedSet objects allowing them to be filtered using a NSPredicate.
NSPredicateSupport_NSMutableSetExtension method for NSMutableSet objects, allowing them to be filtered with a NSPredicate.
NSPredicateSupport_NSOrderedSetDefines an extension method for NSOrderedSet objects allowing them to be filtered via an NSPredicate.
NSPredicateSupport_NSSetHelper methods for applying predicates to sets.
NSProcessInfoA class that provides information such as arguments, environment variables, and names about the current process.
NSProgressUsed with long-running processes to report progress to the end-user.
NSProgressReporting_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSProgressReporting interface to support all the methods from the NSProgressReporting protocol.
NSPropertyListFormatThe format to use during serialization using NSKeyedArchiver.
NSPropertyListMutabilityOptionsAn enumeration of values specifying mutability options for property lists.
NSPropertyListReadOptionsApple states that functionality related to this class is not implemented.
NSPropertyListSerializationA class that provides methods for serializing and deserializing property lists.
NSPropertyListWriteOptionsAn enumeration of mutability options for use with property lists.
NSPurgeableDataA type of NSMutableData whose data's memory can be freed by the system as required.
NSQualityOfServiceEnumerates QoS values for use with NSOperation objects and NSOperationQueue objects.
NSRangeRepresents a range given by a location and length.
NSRangeIteratorA delegate used to specify the iterator used by NSIndexSet.EnumerateRanges.
NSRecursiveLockA subclass of NSLock that may be acquired multiple times by the same thread.
NSRegularExpressionSystem library for regular expressions.
NSRegularExpressionOptionsDefines options for use with NSRegularExpression objects.
NSRoundingModeAn enumeration of values that specify rounding behaviors for NSDecimals.
NSRunLoopMessage and event dispatching loop.
NSRunLoopModeRun loop modes for NSRunLoop.
NSSearchPathSearch paths utilities.
NSSearchPathDirectoryAn enumeration of special directories for use with NSFileManager.GetURLs.
NSSearchPathDomainAn enumeration of values specifying search path domain constants for use with NSSearchPathDirectory.
NSSecureCodingImplementors handle encoding and decoding in a manner robust against object-substitution attacks.
NSSetAn unordered collection of distinct items.
NSSet<TKey>Strongly-typed NSSet.
NSSetEnumeratorA delegate that specifies the enumerator used by NSSet.Enumerate.
NSSortDescriptorProvides a comparison operator that can be used with Core Data and objects such as NSArray.
NSSortDescriptorSorting_NSMutableArrayDefines a static method for sorting NSMutableArray objects using NSSortDescriptor objects.
NSSortOptionsA flagging enumeration that specifies sorting options in calls to NSMutableOrderedSet.Sort.
NSStreamAbstract class for Foundation Streams.
NSStreamDelegateWhen overridden, allows the applicatin developer to respond to events releated to maniplating an NSStream.
NSStreamDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSStreamDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSStreamDelegate protocol.
NSStreamEventAn enumeration of values that may be sent to NSStreamDelegate.HandleEvent.
NSStreamEventArgsProvides data for the NSStreamEventArgs.OnEvent event.
NSStreamServiceTypePossible values for the service type for an NSStream.
NSStreamSocketSecurityLevelThe security protocol to use for an NSStream.
NSStreamSocksOptionsConfiguration options for SOCKS proxy servers.
NSStreamStatusThe current status of an NSStream.
NSStringThe Foundation String class.
NSStringCompareOptionsAn enumeration of options available to NSString search and comparison methods.
NSStringDrawingContextConfigures and track the scale factor and tracking adjustements used when drawing attributed strings.
NSStringDrawingOptionsAn enumeration of options for use when drawing strings.
NSStringEncodingEncodings supported by NSString.Encode.
NSTextCheckingContains keys that identify text checking results.
NSTextCheckingAddressComponentsContains the components of a recognized address.
NSTextCheckingResultClass that contains the result of a regular expression search.
NSTextCheckingTransitComponentsContains the components of a recognized travel data.
NSTextCheckingTypeEnumerates available predefined regular expressions for checking text.
NSTextCheckingTypesEnumerates available predefined classes of regular expressions for checking text.
NSTextWritingDirectionEnumerates writing directions for use with NSWritingDirection.
NSThreadNSThread support.
NSTimerThe timer can trigger actions at certain time intervals.
NSTimeZoneEncapsulates a time zone.
NSTimeZoneNameStyleSpecifies styles for time-zone names.
NSUbiquitousKeyValueStoreAn iCloud-based key-value store intended for the storage of configuration and state-preservation data.
NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore+NotificationsNotification posted by the NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore class.
NSUbiquitousKeyValueStoreChangeEventArgsProvides data for the event.
NSUbiquitousKeyValueStoreChangeReasonAn enumeration of valid reasons for modifying the iCloud ubiquitous key store.
NSUnderlineStyleAn enumeration of valid styles for underlines or strikethroughs.
NSUndoManagerUndo manager class.
NSUndoManager+NotificationsNotification posted by the NSUndoManager class.
NSUndoManagerCloseUndoGroupEventArgsProvides data for the event.
NSUnitBase class for units of measure.
NSUnitAccelerationA rate of change of velocity. Base unit is metersPerSecondSquared.
NSUnitAngleMeasures rotation in a plane. Base unit is degrees.
NSUnitAreaAn NSDimension describing a two-dimensional extent. The base unit is square meters.
NSUnitConcentrationMassAn NSDimension that represents the amount of a mass within a volume. The base unit is grams / liter.
NSUnitConverterAbstract base class for classes that convert values between appropriate types of NSUnit.
NSUnitConverterLinearA NSUnitConverter that applies a conversion of the form f(X) = cX + k.
NSUnitDispersionA NSDimension that is a ratio of a component constituent to all constituents. The base unit is "parts per million".
NSUnitDurationA NSDimension that represents a span of time. The base unit is seconds.
NSUnitElectricChargeAn NSDimension that represents electric charge. The base unit is coulombs.
NSUnitElectricCurrentA flow of electric current. The base unit is amperes.
NSUnitElectricPotentialDifferenceA NSDimension that measures potential electric energy of a point charge at a single point in space. The base unit is volts.
NSUnitElectricResistanceA NSDimension that measures electrical resistance. The base unit is ohms.
NSUnitEnergyAn NSDimension that represents units of energy. The base unit is joules.
NSUnitFrequencyAn NSDimension that measures how often something repeats. The base unit is hertz.
NSUnitFuelEfficiencyAn NSDimension that represents the distance traveled per unit of fuel. The base unit is liters / 100 kilometers.
NSUnitIlluminanceAn NSDimension that measures illuminance. The base unit is lux.
NSUnitLengthAn NSDimension that measures extent. The base unit is meters.
NSUnitMassA NSDimension that describes resistance to acceleration. The base unit is kilograms.
NSUnitPowerA NSDimension that measures energy over time. The base unit is watts.
NSUnitPressureA NSDimension that measures normal force over a surface. The base unit is pascals.
NSUnitSpeedA NSDimension that measures the rate of change of position. The base unit is meters / second.
NSUnitTemperatureA NSDimension that measures thermal energy. The base unit is kelvin.
NSUnitVolumeA sNSDimension that measures extent in 3 dimensions. The base unit is liters.
NSUrlRepresents a URL.
NSUrl_PromisedItemsDefines static methods for dealing with promised items.
NSUrlAsyncResultResults from NSUrlConnection.SendRequestAsync
NSUrlAuthenticationChallengeRepresents an authentication challenge sent from a server to a client.
NSURLAuthenticationChallengeSenderProtocol for implementing authentication challenges.
NSURLAuthenticationChallengeSender_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSURLAuthenticationChallengeSender interface to support all the methods from the NSURLAuthenticationChallengeSender protocol.
NSUrlBookmarkCreationOptionsAn enumeration of options ot be used when creating a bookmark.
NSUrlBookmarkResolutionOptionsAn enumeration of options to be used when creating an NSUrl by resolving a bookmark.
NSUrlCacheCaches URL load requests with a combination of in-memory and on-disk strategies.
NSUrlCacheStoragePolicyAn enumeration of values representing valid caching strategies for use with NSUrls.
NSUrlComponentsParses and constructs URLs according to the components defined in RFC 3986.
NSUrlConnectionA Web Client.
NSUrlConnectionDataDelegateProtocol that contains handlers for working with data over an HTTP connection.
NSUrlConnectionDataDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSUrlConnectionDataDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSUrlConnectionDataDelegate protocol.
NSUrlConnectionDataResponseThe delegate used as the completion handler for NSUrlConnection.SendAsynchronousRequest.
NSUrlConnectionDelegateDelegate class used by the Web Client NSUrlConnection.
NSUrlConnectionDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSUrlConnectionDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSUrlConnectionDelegate protocol.
NSUrlConnectionDownloadDelegateWhen overridden, allows customization of events relating to data received by file download via a URL.
NSUrlConnectionDownloadDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSUrlConnectionDownloadDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSUrlConnectionDownloadDelegate protocol.
NSUrlCredentialAuthentication credentials
NSUrlCredentialPersistenceDetermines how credentials are persisted.
NSUrlCredentialStorageManages the URL credential storage.
NSUrlCredentialStorage+NotificationsNotification posted by the NSUrlCredentialStorage class.
NSUrlDownloadSessionResponseCompletion handler for calls to NSUrlSession.CreateDownloadTask and NSUrlSession.CreateDownloadTaskFromResumeData.
NSUrlErrorAn enumeration of errors associated with creating or loading a NSUrl.
NSUrlErrorCancelledReasonAn enumeration whose values specify why a data transfer was cancelled.
NSUrlProtectionSpaceRepresents a realm on a server that requires authentication.
NSUrlProtocolA base class for providing protocol-specific URL loading.
NSUrlQueryItemA single key-value pair that is part of the query portion of a URL.
NSUrlRelationshipDefines constants defining the relationship between a directory and an item.
NSUrlRequestA Url Load request.
NSUrlRequestCachePolicyNSUrlRequest caching policy.
NSUrlRequestNetworkServiceTypeNetwork service types for NSUrlRequest.
NSUrlResponseUsed to read the response from an NSUrlRequest.
NSUrlSessionCoordinates a set of data-transfer tasks, including large background tasks.
NSUrlSessionActiveTasksHolds the return values from the asynchronous method NSUrlSession.GetTasksAsync.
NSUrlSessionActiveTasks2Contains active tasks for an NSUrlSession.
NSUrlSessionAuthChallengeDispositionAn enumeration whose values specify the state of an authorization challenge.
NSUrlSessionConfigurationEncapsulates the configuration to be used with a NSUrlSession.
NSUrlSessionDataDelegateThe delegate object for NSUrlSessionDataTask class, providing events relating to data upload and download.
NSUrlSessionDataDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSUrlSessionDataDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSUrlSessionDataDelegate protocol.
NSUrlSessionDataTaskA NSUrlSessionTask that transfers data as NSData.
NSUrlSessionDataTaskRequestHolds the return values from the NSUrlSession.Create*TaskAsync methods.
NSUrlSessionDelegateThe delegate object for NSUrlSession objects.
NSUrlSessionDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSUrlSessionDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSUrlSessionDelegate protocol.
NSUrlSessionDownloadDelegateThe delegate object for a NSUrlSessionDownloadTask, provides events relating to large data downloads.
NSUrlSessionDownloadDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSUrlSessionDownloadDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSUrlSessionDownloadDelegate protocol.
NSUrlSessionDownloadTaskDevelopers should use NSUrlDownloadSessionResponse rather than this deprecated type.
NSUrlSessionDownloadTaskRequestThis class holds the return values from the asynchronous methods NSUrlSession.CreateDownloadTaskAsync, NSUrlSession.CreateDownloadTaskAsync, NSUrlSession.CreateDownloadTaskFromResumeDataAsync.
NSUrlSessionPendingTasksThe delegate that serves as the completion handler for NSUrlSession.GetTasks.
NSUrlSessionPendingTasks2Contains pending tasks for an NSUrlSession.
NSUrlSessionResponseSignature for callbacks invoked by NSUrlSession for various background operations.
NSUrlSessionResponseDispositionAn enumeration whose values specify the state of a response.
NSUrlSessionStreamDelegateDelegate object for NSUrlSession objects that have NSUrlSessionStreamTask objects.
NSUrlSessionStreamDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSUrlSessionStreamDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSUrlSessionStreamDelegate protocol.
NSUrlSessionStreamTaskA subclass of NSUrlSessionTask that provides APIs for asynchonous reads and writes.
NSUrlSessionTaskThe base class for data-transfer tasks created by a NSUrlSession.
NSUrlSessionTaskDelegateThe delegate object for NSUrlSessionTaskUpload objects, providing events relating to file uploads.
NSUrlSessionTaskDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSUrlSessionTaskDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSUrlSessionTaskDelegate protocol.
NSUrlSessionTaskMetricsHolds data on the execution of a NSUrlSessionTask.
NSUrlSessionTaskMetricsResourceFetchTypeEnumerates the way a network resource might be loaded.
NSUrlSessionTaskPriorityDefines constants for use with NSUrlSessionTask.Priority.
NSUrlSessionTaskStateAn enumeration whose values specify the state of a NSSessionTask.
NSUrlSessionTaskTransactionMetricsHolds data on individual request/response pairs within a NSUrlSessionTask.
NSUrlSessionUploadTaskAn NSUrlSessionDataTask that is used to upload data.
NSUrlUtilities_NSCharacterSetDefines static methods defining character sets for various subcomponents of a NSUrl.
NSUrlUtilities_NSStringDefines static methods for URL encoding and escaping.
NSUserActivityA user behavior that may be continued on another device. (Currently only browsing the Web, see NSUserActivityType).
NSUserActivityContinuationHolds the continuation streams returned by the NSUserActivity.GetContinuationStreamsAsync method.
NSUserActivityDelegateDelegate object for NSUserActivity objects, exposing events relating to an activity begun on one device and continued on another.
NSUserActivityDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INSUserActivityDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NSUserActivityDelegate protocol.
NSUserActivityTypeDefines types of NSUserActivity available from the system (currently only browsing the Web).
NSUserDefaultsProvides access to the user defaults.
NSUserDefaultsTypeAn enumeration whose values specify the type of a NSUserDefaults object.
NSUuidA class for creating and representing universally-unique identification strings (UUIDs).
NSValueBinding to the Objective-C way of boxing value types.
NSValueTransformerAbstract class that supports converting between value representations. Primarily used internally by Cocoa.
NSVolumeEnumerationOptionsAn enumeration of options for use when enumerating mounted volumes.
NSWritingDirectionAn enumeration of valid writing directions.
NSXpcListenerEndpointNames a specific XPC listener.
NSZoneAn OS-controlled area within memory from which objects are allocated.
OutletAttributeExposes the given property as an outlet to the Objective-C world.
PreserveAttributePrevents the MonoTouch linker from linking the target.
ProtocolAttributeAttribute applied to interfaces that represent Objective-C protocols.
RegisterAttributeUsed to register a class to the Objective-C runtime.
You_Should_Not_Call_base_In_This_MethodThis class exits purely as a warning to future generations.   You called a method using “base”, but this was not required.