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IdentityLookup Namespace




IILMessageFilterQueryHandlingInterface that is used by a message filter extension to respond to queries.
ILCallClassificationRequestA classification request.
ILCallCommunicationAn incoming call.
ILClassificationActionEnumerates message classification actions.
ILClassificationRequestBase class for classes that support users in reporting unwanted communications.
ILClassificationResponseHandles the classification of messages to mark them as junk, mark them as not junk, and/or to block the sender.
ILCommunicationBase class for incoming calls and messages.
ILMessageClassificationRequestA request to report a message.
ILMessageCommunicationAn incoming SMS message.
ILMessageFilterActionEnumerates actions that can be taken in response to a message.
ILMessageFilterErrorExtensionsExtension methods for the IdentityLookup.ILMessageFilterError enumeration.
ILMessageFilterExtensionBase class for message filter extensions.
ILMessageFilterExtensionContextRepresents the extension context for a message filter.
ILMessageFilterQueryRequestRepresents a request to a message filter to examine a message from an unknown sender for filtering.
ILMessageFilterQueryResponseRepresents a message query response.
ILNetworkResponseRepresents a response to a network request by the filter extension.