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ImageIO Namespace

The ImageIO namespace provides classes for image input and output.




CGCopyImageSourceOptionsClass that contains options for copying image sources.
CGImageDestinationUse this class to save images and have detailed control over how the images are saved.
CGImageDestinationOptionsUse an instance of this class to configure how an image is added to a CGImageDestination.
CGImageDestinationOptionsKeysContains keys that index image destination options.
CGImageMetadataAn immutable container for metadata. (See CGMutableImageMetadata.)
CGImageMetadataEnumerateOptionsSpecifies whether the callback in CGImageMetadata.EnumerateTags is recursive.
CGImageMetadataErrorsEnumeration of errors relating to metadata manipulation.
CGImageMetadataErrorsExtensionsExtension methods for the ImageIO.CGImageMetadataErrors enumeration.
CGImageMetadataTagAn EXIF, IPTC, or XMP property and value.
CGImageMetadataTagBlockCallback for the <see cref=M:MonoTouch.ImageIO.CGImageMetadata.EnumerateTags/> method.
CGImageMetadataTagNamespacesHolds constants specifying standard metadata namespaces. Primarily used with CGImageMetadataTag.Namespace.
CGImageMetadataTagPrefixesConstants defining standard prefixes. Primarily used with CGImageMetadataTag.Prefix.
CGImageMetadataTypeEnumerates the type-forms of image metadata.
CGImageOptionsUse an instance of this class to configure the CGImageSource.
CGImagePropertiesKnown properties of various metadata prefixes. Most often used with CGImageMetadata.CopyTagMatchingImageProperty.
CGImagePropertyOrientationEnumerates orientation values.
CGImagePropertyPngFiltersEnumerates the style of a PNG compression filter.
CGImageSourceImage Loader.
CGImageSourceStatusThe status of the CGImageSource loader.
CGImageThumbnailOptionsConfiguration options used when loading thumbnails using CGImageSource.
CGMutableImageMetadataA mutable container of metadata. (See CGImageMetadata.)