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Java.Lang.Reflect Namespace




AccessibleObject AccessibleObject is the superclass of all member reflection classes (Field, Constructor, Method).
ArrayProvides static methods to create and access arrays dynamically.
ConstructorThis class represents a constructor.
FieldThis class represents a field.
GenericSignatureFormatErrorIndicates that a malformed signature has been encountered via a reflective method.
IAnnotatedElementThis interface provides reflective access to annotation information.
IGenericArrayTypeThis interface represents an array type with a component type that is either a parameterized type or a type variable.
IGenericDeclarationCommon interface for language constructs that declare type parameters.
IInvocationHandlerImplementors of this interface dispatch methods invoked on proxy instances.
IMemberCommon interface providing access to reflective information on class members.
InvocationTargetExceptionThis class provides a wrapper for an exception thrown by a Method or Constructor invocation.
IParameterizedTypeThis interface represents a parameterized type such as 'Set<String>'.
ITypeCommon interface implemented by all Java types.
ITypeVariableThis interface represents a type variables such as 'T' in 'public interface Comparable', the bounded 'T' in 'public interface A' or the multiple bounded 'T' in 'public interface B'.
IWildcardTypeA pattern type, such as the upper bounded wildcard ? extends Closeable or the lower bounded wildcard ? super String.
MalformedParameterizedTypeExceptionIndicates that a malformed parameterized type has been encountered by a reflective method.
MemberCommon interface providing access to reflective information on class members.
MethodThis class represents a method.
ModifierThis class provides static methods to decode class and member modifiers.
Proxy Proxy defines methods for creating dynamic proxy classes and instances.
ReflectPermissionLegacy security code; do not use.
UndeclaredThrowableExceptionThis class provides a wrapper for an undeclared, checked exception thrown by an InvocationHandler.