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Java.Nio.Channels Namespace




AlreadyConnectedExceptionAn AlreadyConnectedException is thrown when an attempt is made to connect a SocketChannel that is already connected.
AsynchronousCloseExceptionAn AsynchronousCloseException is thrown when the underlying channel for an I/O operation is closed by another thread.
CancelledKeyExceptionA CancelledKeyException is thrown when an invalid selection key is used.
ChannelsThis class provides several utilities to get I/O streams from channels.
ClosedByInterruptExceptionA ClosedByInterruptException is thrown when a thread is interrupted in a blocking I/O operation.
ClosedChannelExceptionA ClosedChannelException is thrown when a channel is closed for the type of operation attempted.
ClosedSelectorExceptionA ClosedSelectorException is thrown when a Selector is closed and an I/O operation is attempted.
ConnectionPendingExceptionA ConnectionPendingException is thrown when an attempt is made to connect a SocketChannel that has a non-blocking connection already underway.
DatagramChannelA DatagramChannel is a selectable channel that represents a partial abstraction of a datagram socket.
FileChannelAn abstract channel type for interaction with a platform file.
FileChannel+MapMode MapMode defines file mapping mode constants.
FileLockA FileLock represents a locked region of a file.
FileLockInterruptionExceptionA FileLockInterruptionException is thrown when a thread is interrupted while waiting to acquire a file lock.
IByteChannelA ByteChannel is both readable and writable.
IChannelA channel is a conduit to I/O services covering such items as files, sockets, hardware devices, I/O ports or some software component.
IGatheringByteChannelThe interface for channels that can write a set of buffers in a single operation.
IInterruptibleChannelChannels that implement this interface can be asynchronously closed and interrupted.
IllegalBlockingModeExceptionAn IllegalBlockingModeException is thrown when an operation that requires a specific blocking mode is invoked on a channel that is in a different blocking mode.
IllegalSelectorExceptionAn IllegalSelectorException is thrown when a call is made to register a channel on a selector that has been created by a different provider.
IReadableByteChannelA ReadableByteChannel is a type of IChannel that can read bytes.
IScatteringByteChannelThe interface for channels that can read data into a set of buffers in a single operation.
IWritableByteChannelA WritableByteChannel is a type of IChannel that can write bytes.
NoConnectionPendingExceptionA NoConnectionPendingException is thrown if SocketChannel's SocketChannel.FinishConnect method is called before the SocketChannel's SocketChannel.Connect(SocketAddress) connect} method completed without error.
NonReadableChannelExceptionA NonReadableChannelException is thrown when attempting to read from a channel that is not open for reading.
NonWritableChannelExceptionA NonWritableChannelException is thrown when attempting to write to a channel that is not open for writing.
NotYetBoundExceptionA NotYetBoundException is thrown if the server socket channel is not bound before an I/O operation is made.
NotYetConnectedExceptionA NotYetConnectedException is thrown if the socket channel is not connected before an I/O operation is invoked.
OperationsEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several types.
OverlappingFileLockExceptionAn OverlappingFileLockException is thrown when attempting to acquire a lock that overlaps an existing or pending lock held by this process.
PipeA pipe contains two channels, forming a unidirectional pipe.
Pipe+SinkChannelWritable sink channel used to write to a pipe.
Pipe+SourceChannelReadable source channel used to read from a pipe.
SelectableChannelA channel that can be used with a Selector.
SelectionKeyA SelectionKey represents the relationship between a channel and a selector for which the channel is registered.
SelectorA controller for the selection of SelectableChannel objects.
ServerSocketChannelA ServerSocketChannel is a partial abstraction of a selectable, stream-oriented listening socket.
SocketChannelA SocketChannel is a selectable channel that provides a partial abstraction of stream connecting socket.
UnresolvedAddressExceptionAn UnresolvedAddressException is thrown when trying to use an unresolved network address in a network operation.
UnsupportedAddressTypeExceptionAn UnsupportedAddressTypeException is thrown when connecting or binding to an unsupported address type.