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Javax.Xml.Datatype Namespace




DatatypeConstants+FieldType-safe enum class that represents six fields of the Duration class.
Date/Time Datatype Field Mapping Between XML Schema 1.0 and Java Representation
XML Schema 1.0
Value Range
year XMLGregorianCalendar.Year + XMLGregorianCalendar.Eon or
getYear() is a value between -(10^9-1) to (10^9)-1 or Javax.Xml.Datatype.DatatypeConstants.FieldUndefined.
XMLGregorianCalendar.Eon is high order year value in billion of years.
getEon() has values greater than or equal to (10^9) or less than or equal to -(10^9). A value of null indicates field is undefined.
Given that states that the year zero will be a valid lexical value in a future version of XML Schema, this class allows the year field to be set to zero. Otherwise, the year field value is handled exactly as described in the errata and [ISO-8601-1988]. Note that W3C XML Schema 1.0 validation does not allow for the year field to have a value of zero.
month XMLGregorianCalendar.Month 1 to 12 or Javax.Xml.Datatype.DatatypeConstants.FieldUndefined
day XMLGregorianCalendar.Day Independent of month, max range is 1 to 31 or Javax.Xml.Datatype.DatatypeConstants.FieldUndefined.
The normative value constraint stated relative to month field's value is in .
hour XMLGregorianCalendar.Hour 0 to 24 or Javax.Xml.Datatype.DatatypeConstants.FieldUndefined. For a value of 24, the minute and second field must be zero per .
minute XMLGregorianCalendar.Minute 0 to 59 or Javax.Xml.Datatype.DatatypeConstants.FieldUndefined
second XMLGregorianCalendar.Second + XMLGregorianCalendar.Millisecond/1000 or
XMLGregorianCalendar.Second + XMLGregorianCalendar.FractionalSecond
XMLGregorianCalendar.Second from 0 to 60 or Javax.Xml.Datatype.DatatypeConstants.FieldUndefined.
(Note: 60 only allowable for leap second.)
XMLGregorianCalendar.FractionalSecond allows for infinite precision over the range from 0.0 to 1.0 when the XMLGregorianCalendar.Second is defined.
FractionalSecond is optional and has a value of null when it is undefined.
XMLGregorianCalendar.Millisecond is the convenience millisecond precision of value of XMLGregorianCalendar.FractionalSecond.
timezone XMLGregorianCalendar.Timezone Number of minutes or Javax.Xml.Datatype.DatatypeConstants.FieldUndefined. Value range from -14 hours (-14 * 60 minutes) to 14 hours (14 * 60 minutes).