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MonoMac.CoreAnimation Namespace

Bindings to CoreAnimation, the animation and rendering layer framework in OSX.




CAActionAn interface implemented by objects that participate in animations coordinated by a CALayer.
CAAnimationBase class for animations.
CAAnimationDelegateDelegate class for the CAAnimation class.
CAAnimationGroupGroups and orchestrates multiple animations.
CAAnimationStateEventArgsProvides data for the CAAnimationStateEventArgs.AnimationStopped event.
CABasicAnimationSingle keyframe based animations.
CAEdgeAntialiasingMaskFlags used to determine what side of a layer should be antialiased.
CAFillModeConstants used for the FillMode property in CAAnimation and CALayer, used to control the behavior of objects once the animation has completed.
CAGradientLayerLayer that renders a gradient over its background.
CAKeyFrameAnimationKeyframe-based animation support.
CALayerLayers encapsulate position, size and transformation components of a layer as well as implement the CAMediaTiming methods.
CALayerDelegateDelegate class for the CALayer.
CAMediaTimingFunctionDefines the pacing of an animation.
CAPropertyAnimationAn animation that can animate object properties.
CAReplicatorLayerA layer that replicates an existing layer, with some attributes (color, transform) altered.
CAScrollLayerLayer used to show portions of another layer.
CAShapeLayerDraws a bezier curve and composes the result with its first sublayer.
CATextLayerSimple text layour and rendering of regular or attributed text.
CATiledLayerLayer whose content can be provided asynchronously, and with multiple levels of detail.
CATransactionFramework to synchronize multiple transformation operations.
CATransform3D3D transformation.
CATransformLayer3D compositing layer.
CATransitionTransition animations for a layer.
CAValueFunctionClass used to apply functions to property values during an animation.