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MonoMac.CoreMidi Namespace




IOErrorEventArgsProvides data for the IOErrorEventArgs.IOError event.
MidiGlobal methods and constants for using CoreMidi.
MidiClientMain entry point to use MIDI in MacOS X and iOS.
MidiDeviceRepresents a MIDI device (typically they represent a hardware device, but virtual devices also exist). Devices can contain one or more entities.
MidiEndpointEndpoints represent an individual source or destination on the MIDI stream.
MidiErrorErrors raised by the CoreMIDI stack.
MidiExceptionException raised by Midi methods.
MidiObjectBase class for the MidiClient, MidiPort, MidiEntity, MidiDevice and MidiEndpoint classes.
MidiPacketEncapsulates a series of MIDI events.
MidiPacketsEventArgsProvides data for the MidiPacketsEventArgs.MessageReceived and MidiPacketsEventArgs.MessageReceived events.
MidiPortInput and Output ports.
ObjectAddedOrRemovedEventArgsProvides data for the ObjectAddedOrRemovedEventArgs.ObjectAdded and ObjectAddedOrRemovedEventArgs.ObjectRemoved events.
ObjectPropertyChangedEventArgsProvides data for the ObjectPropertyChangedEventArgs.PropertyChanged event.