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MonoTouch.ARKit Namespace




ARAnchorA position, orientation, and scale that is located in the real world to which augmented reality objects can be attached.
ARCameraInformation about the location and orientation of the camera that captured an augmented-reality frame.
ARErrorCodeEnumerate causes for an ARSession failure.
ARFrameA frame in an augmented-reality session.
ARHitTestResultA result generated by the ARFrame.HitTest method.
ARHitTestResultTypeEnumerates the kinds of objects detected by the ARFrame.HitTest method.
ARLightEstimateAn estimate of the real-world lighting environment.
ARPlaneAnchorA subclass of ARAnchor used to represent real-world flat surfaces.
ARPlaneAnchorAlignmentThe orientation of an ARPlaneAnchor (Currently restricted to horizontal).
ARPlaneDetectionEnumerates the valid orientations for detected planes (currently, only horizontal).
ARPointCloudA set of 3-dimensional points, indicating image-processing's belief in a fixed real-world point on a physical surface.
ARSCNDebugOptionsVisualization options for use with the SCNView.DebugOptions property of ARSCNView.
ARSCNViewA subclass of SCNView that supports augmented-reality content.
ARSCNViewDelegateDelegate object for ARSCNView objects.
ARSCNViewDelegate_ExtensionsOptional methods of the IARSCNViewDelegate interface.
ARSessionManages the camera capture, motion processing, and image analysis necessary to create a mixed-reality experience.
ARSessionConfigurationOptions for the creation of ARSession objects.
ARSessionDelegate_ExtensionsOptional extension methods for the IARSessionDelegate interface.
ARSessionObserver_ExtensionsOptional methods of the IARSessionObserver interface.
ARSessionRunOptionsEnumerates options in calls to ARSession.Run.
ARSKViewA subclass of SKView that places Sprite Kit objects in an augmented-reality session.
ARSKViewDelegateDelegate object allowing the developer to respond to events relating to a ARSKView.
ARSKViewDelegate_ExtensionsOptional methods of the IARSKViewDelegate interface.
ARTrackingStateEnumerates the quality of real-world tracking in an augmented-reality ARSession.
ARTrackingStateReasonEnumerates the causes of ARTrackingState.Limited.
ARWorldAlignmentEnumerates options for how the world coordinate system is created.
ARWorldTrackingSessionConfigurationA subclass of ARSessionConfiguration for use with world-tracking sessions.
IARSCNViewDelegateInterface defining the ARSCNViewDelegate protocol.
IARSessionDelegateExtends the IARSessionObserver interface.
IARSessionObserverInterface defining methods that respond to events in an ARSession.