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MonoTouch.AddressBook Namespace

The AddressBook namespace provides access to the central 'Address Book' contacts database.


Access to the central contacts database, known as the "Address Book" on iOS.


ABAddressBook Provides access to the system Address Book.
ABAddressBookErrorPossible ABAddressBook errors.
ABAddressBookErrorExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.AddressBook.ABAddressBookError enumeration.
ABAuthorizationStatusAn enumeration whose values specify the possible results of the ABAddressBook.GetAuthorizationStatus method.
ABGroup A grouping of ABPerson and other ABGroup records.
ABLabel Generic property labels.
ABMultiValue<T> A collection of MonoTouch.AddressBook.ABMultiValueEntry<T> entries.
ABMultiValueEntry<T> A MonoTouch.AddressBook.ABMultiValue<T> entry.
ABMutableDateMultiValue A MonoTouch.AddressBook.ABMultiValue<MonoTouch.Foundation.NSDate> which supports changing values.
ABMutableDictionaryMultiValue A MonoTouch.AddressBook.ABMultiValue<MonoTouch.Foundation.NSDictionary> which supports changing values.
ABMutableMultiValue<T> A MonoTouch.AddressBook.ABMultiValue<T> that supports editing.
ABMutableStringMultiValue A MonoTouch.AddressBook.ABMultiValue<MonoTouch.Foundation.NSString> which supports changing values.
ABPerson Information about a person.
ABPersonAddressKey NSDictionary keys for use with ABPerson addresses.
ABPersonCompositeNameFormat The format to use for a person's composite name.
ABPersonDateLabel Date property labels.
ABPersonImageFormatAn enumeration whose values specify whether the form of the image requested from the ABPerson.GetImage method.
ABPersonInstantMessageKey NSDictionary keys for use with ABPerson instant message services.
ABPersonInstantMessageService Possible ABPersonInstantMessageKey.Service key values.
ABPersonKind Specifies whether a ABPerson represents a human being or an organization.
ABPersonPhoneLabel Phone number property labels.
ABPersonProperty The ABPerson properties.
ABPersonRelatedNamesLabel Related name property labels.
ABPersonSocialProfileServiceA class whose static members define constant names for various social networks.
ABPersonSortByHow to sort records.
ABPersonUrlLabel URL property labels.
ABPropertyTypeRecord property types.
ABRecord Base type for ABGroup and ABPerson.
ABRecordTypePotential record types.
ABSourceA data source that produces address book data. (See ABSourceType.)
ABSourcePropertyFor internal use.
ABSourceTypeAn enumeration whose values specify various kinds of ABSourceType.
ExternalChangeEventArgsProvides data for the ExternalChangeEventArgs.ExternalChange event.
InstantMessageServiceManages instance message service configuration.
PersonAddressManages the person address.
SocialProfileManages social profile configuration.