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MonoTouch.CallKit Namespace

The CallKit namespace allows developers to integrate VoIP calling with the native iOS phone UX.




CXActionBase class for CallKit actions, such as those taken when a call begins or ends, a call is put on hold, and so on.
CXAnswerCallActionContains the information that the application needs in order to answer a call at the user's request.
CXCallRepresents a CallKit call.
CXCallActionBase class for objects that contain the information that is needed to perform an action on a call.
CXCallControllerInforms the system about in-band user actions, such as reqeusts to start a call, or to put a call on hold.
CXCallDirectoryEnabledStatusEnumerates call directory states.
CXCallDirectoryExtensionContextExtension context for a call directory.
CXCallDirectoryManagerManages a call directory extension.
CXCallDirectoryProviderCall directory extension provider.
CXCallEndedReasonEnumerates reasons that calls can end.
CXCallObserverObserver for the calls in a CXCallController.
CXCallObserverDelegateDelegate object that responds to call changes.
CXCallUpdateContains values with which to update a call's parameters.
CXEndCallActionContains the information that the application needs in order to end a call.
CXErrorCodeEnumerates Call Kit errors.
CXErrorCodeCallDirectoryManagerErrorEnumerates directory manager errors.
CXErrorCodeCallDirectoryManagerErrorExtensionsExtension method for getting directory manager error domain.
CXErrorCodeExtensionsExtension method for getting error code domains.
CXErrorCodeIncomingCallErrorEnumerates incoming call errors.
CXErrorCodeIncomingCallErrorExtensionsExtension method for getting incoming call error code domains.
CXErrorCodeRequestTransactionErrorEnumerates transaction request errors.
CXErrorCodeRequestTransactionErrorExtensionsExtension method for getting transaction request error code domains.
CXHandleA unique identifier for a VOIP user.
CXHandleTypeEnumerates handle types.
CXPlayDtmfCallActionContains the information that is needed to play a DTMF signal that represents a touch tone.
CXPlayDtmfCallActionTypeEnumerates DTMF play action types.
CXProviderReports external (out-of-band) events, such as incoming calls, to the system, and receives internal (in-band) user action events from the system.
CXProviderConfigurationContains values that control miscellaneous call properties, such as the ringtone, whether the call supports video, the maximum number of callers, and so on.
CXProviderDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods for ICXProviderDelegate to implement the optional members of the CXProviderDelegate protocol.
CXSetGroupCallActionContains the data that are needed to join a group call.
CXSetHeldCallActionContains the information that is needed to put a call on hold or take a call off hold.
CXSetMutedCallActionContains the information that is necessary to mute or unmute a call.
CXStartCallActionContains the information that is necessary to start a call.
CXTransactionRuns a group of Call Kit actions atomically.
ICXCallObserverDelegateInterface that represents the required methods (if any) of the CXCallObserverDelegate protocol.
ICXProviderDelegateInterface that represents the required methods (if any) of the CXProviderDelegate protocol.