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MonoTouch.CoreAudioKit Namespace

The CoreAudioKit namespace provides generic views that can be extended to provide user interfaces for audio units.




AUViewController UIViewController class that handles extension requests to support audio unit extensions that have a UI.
CABTMidiCentralViewControllerA UIViewController that allows discovery and connection to MIDI over Bluetooth peripherals.
CABTMidiLocalPeripheralViewControllerA UIViewController that allows the iOS device to serve as a Midi-over-Bluetooth peripheral.
CAInterAppAudioSwitcherViewA UIView that defines the standard inter-app audio user interface.
CAInterAppAudioSwitcherView+CAInterAppAudioSwitcherViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type CAInterAppAudioSwitcherView.
CAInterAppAudioTransportViewA UIView that shows the standard inter-app audio transport view (rewind, play, record, time, etc.).
CAInterAppAudioTransportView+CAInterAppAudioTransportViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type CAInterAppAudioTransportView.