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MonoTouch.CoreML Namespace




IMLFeatureProviderAn interface that defines an input or output feature and its value.
MLDictionaryFeatureProviderAn implementation of IMLFeatureProvider that is backed by a NSDictionary.
MLFeatureDescriptionA developer-meaningful description of a moder.
MLFeatureTypeEnumerates the kinds of features supported by CoreML.
MLFeatureValueAn immutable value and MLFeatureType for a feature.
MLModelEncapsulates a trained machine-learning model.
MLModelDescriptionA developer-meaningful description of the MLModel.
MLModelErrorEnumerates errors that may occur in the use of Core ML.
MLModelErrorExtensionsExtension method for MLModelError.
MLModelMetadataA DictionaryContainer that holds metadata related to a MLModel.
MLMultiArrayRepresents an efficient multi-dimensional array.
MLMultiArrayDataTypeEnumerates the types of values stored in a MLMultiArray.