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MonoTouch.CoreNFC Namespace

The CoreNFC namespace allows reading of NFC NDEF type 1-5 tags.


Reading NFC tags is only supported on iPhone 7 and newer models.


INFCIso15693TagImplements INFCTag with data associated with an ISO-15693 vicinity card.
INFCNdefReaderSessionDelegateDefines the delegate-object interface for INFCNdefReaderSession objects.
INFCReaderSessionContractInterface defining the methods for an NFC detection- and reading- session.
INFCReaderSessionDelegateThe delegate-object interface for NFCReaderSession objects.
INFCTagInterface defining the common features of all NFC tags.
NFCIso15693CustomCommandConfigurationSubclass of NFCTagCommandConfiguration that contains further configuration for commands to ISO-15693 tags.
NFCIso15693ReaderSessionA NFCReaderSession for reading ISO-15693 vicinity cards.
NFCNdefMessageAn NDEF message, consisting of an array of CoreNFCNdefPayload objects.
NFCNdefPayloadAn element that helps comprise an NFCNdefMessage.
NFCNdefReaderSessionSubclass of NFCReaderSession that works with NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) tags.
NFCNdefReaderSessionDelegateDelegate object for NFCNdefReaderSession objects, allowing the developer to respond to detection of NFC tags and session invalidation.
NFCReaderErrorEnumerates errors relating to NFC tag detection and reading.
NFCReaderErrorExtensionsExtension method for NFCReaderError.
NFCReaderSessionAbstract class implementing INFCReaderSessionContract and base class for NFCNDEFReaderSession. A session for detecting and reading NFC tags.
NFCReaderSessionDelegateDelegate object for NCFReaderSession objects.
NFCTagCommandConfigurationParameters for sending a command to an NFC tag.
NFCTagTypeEnumerates the kinds of NFC tags that can be read (currently only ISO-15693).
NFCTypeNameFormatEnumerates the kinds of content-type available to NFCNdefPayload objects.