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MonoTouch.CoreVideo Namespace

The CoreVideo namespace provides low-level classes for generating or compressing video buffers.


The CoreVideo namespace allows developers to access video frames in realtime buffers that can then be further manipulated using Core Image, Metal, or OpenGL. The buffer model (the abstract CVBuffer class and its descendants) can be used if the application is either generating or compressing video frames.


CVAttachmentModeAn enumeration whose values specify whether a buffer attachment should or should not propagate.
CVBufferA Core Video data buffer, containing video, audio, or other type of data.
CVFillExtendedPixelsCallBackA delegate that defines the function used to pad buffers that use a custom pixel format.
CVFillExtendedPixelsCallBackDataEncapsulates the description of a custom extended-pixel fill algorithm.
CVImageBufferA CVBuffer that stores image data.
CVMetalTextureThis type exposes a CoreVideo buffer as a Metal texture.
CVMetalTextureCacheCache to manage CVMetalTexture objects.
CVOptionFlagsA flagging enumeration. Currently only contains a None value of 0.
CVPixelBufferA CVImageBuffer that holds pixels.
CVPixelBufferAttributesManages the attributes associated with CVPixelBuffer.
CVPixelBufferLockAn enumeration that flags whether a CVPixelBuffer is read-only or not.
CVPixelBufferPoolA reusable set of CVPixelBuffers.
CVPixelBufferPoolAllocationSettingsManages pixel buffer pool allocation settings.
CVPixelBufferPoolFlushFlagsDefines an option for CVPixelBufferPool.Flush.
CVPixelBufferPoolSettingsManages pixel buffer settings.
CVPixelFormatDescriptionA class that supports the definition of customer pixel formats.
CVPixelFormatTypeAn enumeration of known pixel formats.
CVPlanarComponentInfoA struct that describes planar components.
CVPlanarPixelBufferInfoA struct that holds the CVPlanarComponentInfos of a planar buffer.
CVPlanarPixelBufferInfo_YCbCrBiPlanarImplements a YCbCr biplanar buffer description.
CVPlanarPixelBufferInfo_YCbCrPlanarA struct that defines the CVPlanarComponentInfos of a YCbCr planar buffer.
CVReturnPossible status codes for CoreVideo functions.
CVSMPTETimeEncodes an SMPTE timestamp.
CVSMPTETimeFlagsAn enumeration whose values specify the SMPTE time state.
CVSMPTETimeTypeAn enumeration whose values specify SMPTE timecode types.
CVTimeCoreVideo time representation.
CVTimeFlagsAn enumeration that can flag whether a CVTime is unknown.
CVTimeStampA struct that describes a display timestamp.
CVTimeStampFlagsAn enumeration whose values can flag validity of a timestamp or field in a CVTimeStamp.