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MonoTouch.MediaAccessibility Namespace

The MediaAccessibility namespace provides support for captioning of video.




MAAudibleMediaDefines the constant associated with kMAudibleMediaSettingsChangedNotification and accessibility preferred characteristics.
MACaptionAppearanceClass that contains static methods and fields for accessing and controlling information about the appearance and language of accessibility features on the device.
MACaptionAppearanceBehaviorEnumerates values that indicate whether to override a setting with the value that is supplied by the media, if present.
MACaptionAppearanceDisplayTypeEnumerates values that indicate whether to display captions only for translation, always, or only if an audio track language differs from the system.
MACaptionAppearanceDomainEnumerates values that indicate whether to use the system's or the user's caption appearance settings.
MACaptionAppearanceFontStyleEnumerated values that control the font for the captions.
MACaptionAppearanceTextEdgeStyleEnumerates values that indicate whether to raise caption text, use drop shadows on them, or etc.