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MonoTouch.MediaPlayer Namespace

The MediaPlayer namespace provides high-level classes for standard playback of audio or video.


IMPMediaPickerControllerDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol MPMediaPickerControllerDelegate.
IMPMediaPlaybackInterface that, together with the MPMediaPlayback_Extensions class, comprise the MPMediaPlayback protocol.
IMPPlayableContentDataSourceInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol MPPlayableContentDataSource.
IMPPlayableContentDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol MPPlayableContentDelegate.
IMPSystemMusicPlayerControllerProtocol for playing videos with the Music app.
ItemsPickedEventArgsProvides data for the ItemsPickedEventArgs.ItemsPicked event.
MPChangePlaybackRateCommandA MPRemoteCommand that alters the playback rate.
MPChangePlaybackRateCommandEventProvides the playback rate for a media item.
MPChangeRepeatModeCommandHolds the current MPRepeatType.
MPChangeRepeatModeCommandEventAssociates a MPRepeatType and a boolean specifying whether the repeat mode should be preserved.
MPChangeShuffleModeCommandHolds the current MPShuffleType.
MPChangeShuffleModeCommandEventAssociates a MPShuffleType and a boolean specifying whether the shuffle mode should be preserved.
MPContentItemUser-meaningful information about an MPMediaItem.
MPErrorCodeEnumerates error codes in the Media Player domain.
MPErrorCodeExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.MediaPlayer.MPErrorCode enumeration.
MPFeedbackCommandAdditional information for feedback commands defined in MPRemoteCommandCenter.
MPFeedbackCommandEventAdditional information for the feedback properties defined in MPRemoteCommandCenter.
MPMediaEntityAbstract base class for MPMediaItem and MPMediaItemCollection classes.
MPMediaGroupingAn enumeration whose values specify various ways in which media can be logically grouped.
MPMediaItemA single piece of media, such as a song or video.
MPMediaItemArtworkA graphic, such as an album cover, associated with a MPMediaItem.
MPMediaItemCollectionA sorted set of MPMediaItems.
MPMediaItemEnumeratorThe delegate to be used as the enumerator argument to MPMediaItem.EnumerateValues.
MPMediaLibraryRepresents the synced set of MPMediaItems on a device.
MPMediaLibrary+NotificationsNotification posted by the MPMediaLibrary class.
MPMediaLibraryAuthorizationStatusEnumerates the status of the application's permission to access the media library.
MPMediaPickerControllerA UIViewController that allows the application user to select a media item.
MPMediaPickerControllerDelegateA delegate object for the MPMediaPickerController class. Application developers can use this deelegate to respond to events relating to media-item selection.
MPMediaPickerControllerDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the IMPMediaPickerControllerDelegate interface to support all the methods from the MPMediaPickerControllerDelegate protocol.
MPMediaPlaylistA playable collection of MPMediaItems.
MPMediaPlaylistAttributeAn enumeration whose values specify various types of playlist.
MPMediaPlaylistPropertyProperties of a MPMediaPlaylist, such as name, attributes, and seed items.
MPMediaPredicateA base class for types that specify filters for MPMediaQuery queries.
MPMediaPredicateComparisonAn enumeration whose values specifies a comparison-type to be used with a MPMediaPredicate.
MPMediaPropertyPredicateA type of MPMediaPredicate that evaluates MPMediaItemPropertys.
MPMediaQueryAllows the application developer to programmatically search an MPMediaLibrary by applying zero-or-more MPMediaPredicates and an optional MPMediaGrouping.
MPMediaQuerySectionA subset of the values returned by a MPMediaQuery, as specified by the MPMediaQuery.ItemSections or MPMediaQuery.CollectionSections properties.
MPMediaTypeAn enumeration whose values specify various types of media.
MPMovieAccessLogLogs metrics relating to streaming playback of a movie.
MPMovieAccessLogEventRepresents a specific metric or event that occurred during network playback of a movie.
MPMovieControlModeApplication developers should not use this deprecated class, but instead use MPMovieControlStyle.
MPMovieControlStyleAn enumeration whose values specify various modes for the MPMoviePlayerController.ControlStyle property.
MPMovieErrorLogA log of errors that occurred during network resources.
MPMovieErrorLogEventAn event documenting a network playback error.
MPMovieFinishReasonAn enumeration whose values specify various ways a movie may have finished.
MPMovieLoadStateAn enumeration whose values reflect a movie's load state. Used in the MPMoviePlayerController.LoadState property.
MPMovieMediaTypeAn enumeration that specifies the movie's media types. Used with the MPMoviePlayerController.MovieMediaTypes property.
MPMoviePlaybackStateAn enumeration of possible states in which the MPMoviePlayerController may be. Used with the MPMovieCotnroller.PlaybackState property.
MPMoviePlayerControllerA class that manages the playback of a movie from a file or via streaming.
MPMoviePlayerController+NotificationsNotification posted by the MPMoviePlayerController class.
MPMoviePlayerFinishedEventArgsProvides data for the event.
MPMoviePlayerFullScreenEventArgsProvides data for the event.
MPMoviePlayerThumbnailEventArgsProvides data for the event.
MPMoviePlayerTimedMetadataEventArgsProvides data for the event.
MPMoviePlayerViewControllerA subclass of UIViewController that can present and play a movie.
MPMovieRepeatModeAn enumeration that specifies whether a movie should repeat or not. Used with the MPMoviePlayerController.RepeatMode property.
MPMovieScalingModeAn enumeration of video scaling modes. Used with the MPMoviePlayerController.ScalingMode property.
MPMovieSourceTypeAn enumeration that specifies whether a movie's data is provided by a file or streaming. Used with the MPMoviePlayerController.SourceType property.
MPMovieTimeOptionAn enumeration that specifies which frame to use when generating thumbnails.
MPMusicPlaybackStateAn enumeration of states in which the MPMusicPlayerController may be. Used with the MPMusicPlayerController.PlaybackState property.
MPMusicPlayerApplicationControllerAn application controller for changing the currently playing queue.
MPMusicPlayerControllerA class that plays media items from the device's MPMediaLibrary.
MPMusicPlayerController+NotificationsNotification posted by the MPMusicPlayerController class.
MPMusicPlayerControllerMutableQueueA mutable queue of media items for playing.
MPMusicPlayerControllerQueueAn immutable queue of media items for playing..
MPMusicPlayerMediaItemQueueDescriptorOperates on media player queues.
MPMusicPlayerPlayParametersContains a dictionary of Music Kit parameters for items to play.
MPMusicPlayerPlayParametersQueueDescriptorClass for manipulating start times and play order based on the play parameter results of MusicKit APIs.
MPMusicPlayerQueueDescriptorBase class for descriptors for store and audio item queues.
MPMusicPlayerStoreQueueDescriptorImplements modification of media items in a player queue, selecting them by their store identifier.s
MPMusicRepeatModeAn enumeration of music repeat modes. Used with the MPMusicPlayerController.RepeatMode property.
MPMusicShuffleModeAn enumeration of shuffle modes for use with the MPMusicPlayerController.ShuffleMode property.
MPNowPlayingInfoInformation relating to the MPNowPlayingInfoCenter.
MPNowPlayingInfoCenterA class that encapsulates data and functions relating to the "now-playing" information displayed on the device lock-screen, the television during AirPlay, or (potentially) on an external accessory such as a dock or car stereo.
MPPlayableContentDataSourceProvides media metadata information to external media players.
MPPlayableContentDataSource_ExtensionsExtension methods to the IMPPlayableContentDataSource interface to support all the methods from the MPPlayableContentDataSource protocol.
MPPlayableContentDelegateDelegate object providing methods for external media players to send playback commands to the app.
MPPlayableContentDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the IMPPlayableContentDelegate interface to support all the methods from the MPPlayableContentDelegate protocol.
MPPlayableContentManagerControls interactions between the app and external media players.
MPRatingCommandAdditional information for rating commands defined in MPRemoteCommandCenter.
MPRatingCommandEventAdditional information for the rating properties defined in MPRemoteCommandCenter.
MPRemoteCommandClass that app developers can use to add and remove actions (commands) on targets (players).
MPRemoteCommandCenterClass that handles events from external media players.
MPRemoteCommandEventClass that provides information about a player command.
MPRemoteCommandHandlerStatusEnumerates values that indicate whether a command succeeded, failed, or cannot play the kind of media requested.
MPSeekCommandEventAdditional information for the seek properties defined in MPRemoteCommandCenter.
MPSeekCommandEventTypeEnumerates values that indicate whether the command began or ended a seek operation.
MPSkipIntervalCommandAdditional information for the skip interval command properties defined in MPRemoteCommandCenter.
MPSkipIntervalCommandEventThe time interval rate of an external media player.
MPTimedMetadataEncapsulates timed metadata for use with time-based HTTP media streams.
MPVolumeSettingsEncapsulates functions relating to the display or hiding of volume controls.
MPVolumeViewA UIView that presents a slider control used to set the system output volume..
MPVolumeView+MPVolumeViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MPVolumeView.
MPVolumeView+NotificationsContains notifications for a MPVolumeView.