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MonoTouch.Messages Namespace

The Messages framework supports extensions to the Messages app.




IMSStickerBrowserViewDataSourceInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol MSStickerBrowserViewDataSource.
MSConversationA sequences of messages between the user and one or more others.
MSMessageAn interactive message object.
MSMessageErrorCodeEnumerates errors associated with Messages.
MSMessageErrorCodeExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.Messages.MSMessageErrorCode enumeration.
MSMessageLayoutAbstract base class for defining the appearance of MSMessage objects.
MSMessagesAppViewControllerA UIViewController that, when extended by the developer, is used to present a custom user-experience within the Messages app.
MSMessageTemplateLayoutLays out the display of MSMessage objects.
MSSessionRepresents a messaging session in which MSMessage objects can be created and updated.
MSStickerA custom Messages sticker.
MSStickerBrowserViewA UIView that can be extended to provide a custom sticker-selection experience.
MSStickerBrowserView+MSStickerBrowserViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MSStickerBrowserView.
MSStickerBrowserViewControllerA standard UIViewController that presents a virtual roll of user-provided stickers.
MSStickerSizeEnumerates the sizes of stickers.
MSStickerViewA UIView that displays a developer-defined Messages sticker.
MSStickerView+MSStickerViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MSStickerView.