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MonoTouch.NetworkExtension Namespace

The NetworkExtension namespace provides classes for configuring and connecting to VPN servers.




INWTcpConnectionAuthenticationDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NWTcpConnectionAuthenticationDelegate.
NEAppProxyFlowProvides IO over a network socket.
NEAppProxyFlowErrorEnumerates NEAppProxyFlow error codes.
NEAppProxyFlowErrorExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.NetworkExtension.NEAppProxyFlowError enumeration.
NEAppProxyProviderProvides sockets by creating NEAppProxyFlow objects.
NEAppProxyProviderManagerConfigures and controls network tunnels received from an App Proxy Provider extension.
NEAppProxyTcpFlowProvides IO over a TCP socket.
NEAppProxyUdpFlowProvides IO over a UDP socket.
NEAppRuleDefines a rule that select network connections based on application signing identifier, application path, and/or hostname domain.
NEDnsSettingsContains DNS resolver settings for a network tunnel.
NEEvaluateConnectionRuleCreates a connection between properties of a connection and an action to be taken.
NEEvaluateConnectionRuleActionEnumerates behavior if the matching host name cannot be resolved.
NEFilterBrowserFlowContains information about a WebKit browser network data flow.
NEFilterControlProviderProvides filter flow control information to a NEFilterDataProvider.
NEFilterControlVerdictRepresents a Filter Control Provider decision about network data flow.
NEFilterDataProviderFilters network data.
NEFilterDataVerdictRepresents a Filter Data Provider decision about network data flow.
NEFilterFlowContains information about a network data flow.
NEFilterManagerManages content filter configurations.
NEFilterManager+NotificationsContains notifications for NEFilterManager objects.
NEFilterManagerErrorEnumerates errors associated with NEFilterManager.
NEFilterManagerErrorExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.NetworkExtension.NEFilterManagerError enumeration.
NEFilterNewFlowVerdictRepresents a Filter Provider decision about network data flow the first time that the data is seen.
NEFilterProviderBase class for data and control filter providers.
NEFilterProviderConfigurationContains Filter Provider configuration data.
NEFilterRemediationVerdictRepresents a Filter Data Provider decision about network data flow after the user requests access.
NEFilterSocketFlowContains information about network data flow over a socket.
NEFilterVerdictBase class for content filter verdicts.
NEFlowMetaDataContains additional data about a network data flow.
NEHotspotHelperEnables registration for Wi-Fi hotspots.
NEHotspotHelperCommandRepresents commands to a Hotspot Helper.
NEHotspotHelperCommandTypeEnumerates commands that can be made to a Hotspot Helper to facilitate registering for Wi-Fi access.
NEHotspotHelperConfidenceEnumerates values that describe how likely a Hotspot Helper will be able to handle a network.
NEHotspotHelperHandlerA command handler block for a Hotspot Helper.
NEHotspotHelperOptionInternalHolds the name of the network handled by the applications.
NEHotspotHelperOptionsRepresents options for registering a Hotspot Helper.
NEHotspotHelperResponseContains a Hotspot Helper command response.
NEHotspotHelperResultEnumerates Hotspot Helper command response results.
NEHotspotNetworkContains information about a Wi-Fi network hotspot.
NEIPv4RouteSettings for an IPv4 route.
NEIPv4SettingsSettings for an IPv4 tunnel.
NEIPv6RouteSettings for an IPv6 route.
NEIPv6SettingsSettings for an IPv6 tunnel.
NEOnDemandRuleSubclasses define rules for automatic connection to VPNs.
NEOnDemandRuleActionEnumerates the NEOnDemandRule.Action values of a NSOnDemandRule.
NEOnDemandRuleConnectAn NEOnDemandRule whose NEOnDemandRule.Action is NEOnDemandRuleAction.Connect.
NEOnDemandRuleDisconnectAn NEOnDemandRule whose NEOnDemandRule.Action is NEOnDemandRuleAction.Disconnect.
NEOnDemandRuleEvaluateConnectionAn NEOnDemandRule whose NEOnDemandRule.Action is NEOnDemandRuleAction.EvaluateConnection.
NEOnDemandRuleIgnoreAn NEOnDemandRule whose NEOnDemandRule.Action is NEOnDemandRuleAction.Ignore.
NEOnDemandRuleInterfaceTypeEnumerates the valid network interface types.
NEPacketTunnelFlowProvides IO over a TUN interface.
NEPacketTunnelNetworkSettingsContains settings for a NEPacketTunnelFlow.
NEPacketTunnelProviderProvides sockets by creating NEPacketTunnelFlow objects.
NEProviderBase class for Network Extension Providers.
NEProviderStopReasonEnumerates reasons that a provider extension has stopped.
NEProxyServerSettings for a proxy server.
NEProxySettingsHTTP proxy settings.
NETunnelNetworkSettingsSettings for a network tunnel.
NETunnelProviderBase class for extensions that implement client-side ends of a network tunnel.
NETunnelProviderErrorEnumerates network tunnel errors.
NETunnelProviderErrorExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.NetworkExtension.NETunnelProviderError enumeration.
NETunnelProviderManagerConfigures and controls a VPN connection.
NETunnelProviderProtocolBase class for extensions that implement client-side ends of a network tunnel.
NETunnelProviderRoutingMethodEnumerates tunnel routing methods.
NETunnelProviderSessionRepresents and controls the state of a network tunnel connection.
NEVpnConnectionRepresents a Virtual Private Network connection
NEVpnConnection+NotificationsContains notifications for NEVpnConnection objects.
NEVpnErrorEnumeration of error conditions relating to the VPN configuration.
NEVpnErrorExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.NetworkExtension.NEVpnError enumeration.
NEVpnIke2CertificateTypeEnumerates the cryptographic algorithm associated with the certificate.
NEVpnIke2DeadPeerDetectionRateEnumerates the frequencies with which the connection attempts to detect dead peers.
NEVpnIke2DiffieHellmanEnumeration of Diffie Hellman groups, which determine encryption strength.
NEVpnIke2EncryptionAlgorithmEnumerates the algorithms that can be used for NEVpnIke2SecurityAssociationParameters.EncryptionAlgorithm.
NEVpnIke2IntegrityAlgorithmEnumerates the valid integrity algorithms for NEVpnIke2SecurityAssociationParameters.IntegrityAlgorithm.
NEVpnIke2SecurityAssociationParametersHolds the parameters for IKEv2 Security Association.
NEVpnIkeAuthenticationMethodEnumerates supported techniques for authenticating Internet Key Exchange.
NEVpnManagerManages and controls VPN configurations and connections.
NEVpnManager+NotificationsContains notifications for NEVpnManager objects.
NEVpnProtocolHolds protocol information for VPN connections
NEVpnProtocolIke2IKEv2 protocol information for VPN connections
NEVpnProtocolIpSecIPSec protocol information for VPN connections
NEVpnStatusEnumerates the state of a VPN connection.
NSMutableURLRequest_NEHotspotHelperA reusable request for registering Wi-Fi hotspots.
NWBonjourServiceEndpointDescription of a Bonjour service endpoint.
NWEndpointBase class for descriptions of network resources.
NWHostEndpointDescription of a network endpoint that is identified by its hostname.
NWPathContains expense and status information about a network connection path.
NWPathStatusEnumerates status information about network connection paths.
NWTcpConnectionConnects to and sends and receives data from TCP network connections.
NWTcpConnectionAuthenticationDelegateClass that handles authentication for network connections.
NWTcpConnectionAuthenticationDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the INWTcpConnectionAuthenticationDelegate interface to support all the methods from the NWTcpConnectionAuthenticationDelegate protocol.
NWTcpConnectionStateEnumerates states that can be encountered while establishing a TCP connection.
NWTlsParametersContains transport layer security options.
NWUdpSessionEstablishes a UDP connection and and transmits UDP data packets.
NWUdpSessionStateEnumerates states that can be encountered while establishing a UDP connection.