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MonoTouch.OpenGLES Namespace

The OpenGLES namespace provides classes for embedding OpenGL surfaces. The actual OpenGL APIs are in MonoTouch.OpenTK


Classes that support embedding OpenGL surfaces in your application. The actual OpenGL APIs are exposed as part of OpenTK.


EAGLColorFormatThe formats available for the iPhoneOSGameView.LayerColorFormat.
EAGLContextHolds the state necessary to render using OpenGL ES.
EAGLDrawablePropertyEAGLDrawable properties.
EAGLRenderingAPIThe rendering API supported.
EAGLSharegroupManages resources that can be used by more than one EAGLContext (textures, buffers, framebuffers, renderbuffers, shaders and programs).
IEAGLDrawableInterface that, together with the EAGLDrawable_Extensions class, comprise the EAGLDrawable protocol.