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MonoTouch.SafariServices Namespace

The SafariServices namespace provides the ability to add items to the Safari Reading List.


ISFSafariViewControllerDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol SFSafariViewControllerDelegate.
SFContentBlockerErrorCodeExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.SafariServices.SFContentBlockerErrorCode enumeration.
SFContentBlockerManagerCoordinates with Safari to load extension blocking rules.
SFContentBlockerStateRepresents the enabled state of a content blocker extension.
SFErrorCodeEnumerates errors that that Safari can encounter when working with content blockers or app extensions.
SFErrorCodeExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.SafariServices.SFErrorCode enumeration.
SFSafariViewControllerUser interface for web browsing.
SFSafariViewControllerDelegateProtocol for presenting a user interface for web browsing.
SFSafariViewControllerDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the ISFSafariViewControllerDelegate interface to support all the methods from the SFSafariViewControllerDelegate protocol.
SSReadingListProvides write-access to the Safari Reading List.
SSReadingListErrorAn enumeration that specify possible errors associated with adding a URL to the Safari Reading List.