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MonoTouch.SystemConfiguration Namespace

The SystemConfiguration namespace provides classes for determining network reachability.


CaptiveNetworkDeprecated: Use NEHotspotHelper instead. A class that encapsulates the Captive Network system component, which is responsible for detecting networks that require user interaction prior to providing Internet access.
NetworkReachabilityUsed to detect the reachability of the network and to get notifications on network reachability changes.
NetworkReachability+NotificationSignature for the SetCallback method on NetworkReachability.
NetworkReachabilityFlagsThe reachability status.
StatusCodeAn enumeration whose values specify various statuses relating to network reachability.
StatusCodeErrorProvides access to a text description associated with a StatusCode.
StatusCodeExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.SystemConfiguration.StatusCode enumeration.
SystemConfigurationExceptionAn exception relating to network reachability. The cause of the exception is specified by the SystemConfigurationException.StatusErrorCode property.