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MonoTouch.UserNotifications Namespace

The UserNotifications framework consolidates the delivery and handling of local and remote user notifications.


Starting in iOS 10 (Fall 2016), the APIs for local and remote notifications were refactored and consolidated in the UserNotifications framework. This framework allows notifications in a more consistent manner and with less chance of repetitive code.


IUNUserNotificationCenterDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate.
UNAlertStyleEnumerates the kinds of alerts that notifications display.
UNAuthorizationOptionsEnumerates user interaction authorization requests.
UNAuthorizationStatusEnumerates ways in which the user can respond to a request for permission to post notifications.
UNCalendarNotificationTriggerTriggers the delivery of a notification at a specified day or time, either once or repeatedly.
UNErrorCodeEnumerates attached file errors that can occur when making a notification request.
UNErrorCodeExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.UserNotifications.UNErrorCode enumeration.
UNLocationNotificationTriggerTriggers the delivery of a notification when the device enters or leaves a geographic area.
UNMutableNotificationContentDeveloper-created object that specifies the parts of a notification, including text, sound, badge and launch images, attachments, and so on, for a notification request.
UNNotificationSystem-created notification that contains the original request, the notification content, the trigger that caused delivery, and the date of the delivery.
UNNotificationActionAn action that can be performed in response to a notification.
UNNotificationActionOptionsEnumerates behavior options for notification actions.
UNNotificationAttachmentAudio, video, or images that are displayed with notifications.
UNNotificationAttachmentOptionsA dictionary of values that control aspects of notification behavior.
UNNotificationCategoryImplements a group of actions and options that comprise a category of notifications.
UNNotificationCategoryOptionsContains flags that control whether a custom dismiss action is used, and whether the category is allowed in CarPlay application.
UNNotificationContentSystem-generated object that contains the parts of a notification, including text, sound, badge and launch images, attachments, and so on.
UNNotificationPresentationOptionsEnumerates flags that control the presentation of notifications in foreground apps.
UNNotificationRequestContains the content and trigger for a notification that the developer requests from UNUserNotificationCenter..
UNNotificationResponseA system-created object that contains information about how a user responded to a notification.
UNNotificationServiceExtensionClass for processing push notification payloads before delivery.
UNNotificationSettingEnumerates notification states.
UNNotificationSettingsSystem-supplied object that contains current notification and device settings for an application.
UNNotificationSoundContains a Linear PCM, MA4, µLaw, or aLaw sound to play when a notification is delivered.
UNNotificationTriggerTriggers a notification when a condition is met.
UNPushNotificationTriggerTrigger that is created by the system to activate push notification triggers.
UNShowPreviewsSettingEnumerates times when notification previews are shown.
UNTextInputNotificationActionAn action that accepts text input from the user before the response is given to the app.
UNTextInputNotificationResponseSystem-created object that contains a user response to a UNTextInputNotificationAction.
UNTimeIntervalNotificationTriggerTriggers a notification after a time interval.
UNUserNotificationCenterSystem-provided class that lets the developer schedule and manage notifications.
UNUserNotificationCenterDelegateA class that is used to receive events from a UNUserNotificationCenter.
UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the IUNUserNotificationCenterDelegate interface to support all the methods from the UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate protocol.