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MonoTouch.WatchKit Namespace

The WatchKit namespace provides the ability to program the Apple Watch.




IWKImageAnimatableInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol WKImageAnimatable.
WKAccessibilityExtension methods for WKInterfaceController that improve accessibility.
WKAccessibilityImageRegionA portion of an image that should be made separately available to assistive applications.
WKErrorCodeEnumerates error codes relevant to Watch Kit programming.
WKErrorCodeExtensionsExtension methods for the MonoTouch.WatchKit.WKErrorCode enumeration.
WKInterfaceButtonA watch control that acts as a button.
WKInterfaceControllerBase class for controller objects in Watch Extension projects.
WKInterfaceDateA watch control that displays the date and time.
WKInterfaceDeviceRepresents the watch. Use the singleton object WKInterfaceDevice.CurrentDevice.
WKInterfaceGroupA container for watch controls.
WKInterfaceImageA watch control that displays an image.
WKInterfaceLabelA watch control that displays text.
WKInterfaceMapA watch control that displays an Apple-provided map.
WKInterfaceMapPinColorEnumeration of colors that can be used by pins on a WKInterfaceMap.
WKInterfaceObjectBase class for Watch controls.
WKInterfaceSeparatorA watch control that displays a line for separating controls.
WKInterfaceSliderA watch control that allows the user to set a value within a range.
WKInterfaceSwitchA watch control that allows the user to manipulate a binary value.
WKInterfaceTableA watch control that provides a single-column table.
WKInterfaceTimerA watch control that displays a countdown timer.
WKMenuItemIconEnumerates standard icons for use in Watch context menus.
WKPresentMediaPlayerResultContains the result of presenting a media player.
WKTextInputModeEnumeration of restrictions on text input (constraints on emoji).
WKUserNotificationInterfaceControllerA sub-class of WKInterfaceController that adds methods that are called when a notification arrives.
WKUserNotificationInterfaceTypeEnumerates notificaion types for use with the WKUserNotificationInterfaceController.DidReceiveLocalNotification and WKUserNotificationInterfaceController.DidReceiveRemoteNotification completion handlers.