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NaturalLanguage Namespace




NLLanguageEnumerates languages for which recognition is supported.
NLLanguageExtensionsExtension methods for the NLLanguage class.
NLLanguageRecognizerDetermines the most likely language in which a text is written.
NLModelImports custom classification and tagging models into the application.
NLModelConfigurationContains a configuration for a NLModel.
NLModelTypeEnumerates natural language model types.
NLTagEnumerates token types.
NLTagExtensionsExtension methods for the NLTag class.
NLTaggerAnalyzes text and produces an enumerable list of tags drawn from a specified set of tag schemas.
NLTaggerEnumerateTagsContinuationHandlerDelegate to apply to tokens as they are enumerated by NLTagger.EnumerateTags.
NLTaggerOptionsEnumerates preprocessing options for tags.
NLTagSchemeEnumerates classes of tags that are returned from a text classifier.
NLTagSchemeExtensionsExtension methods for the NLTagScheme class.
NLTokenizerBreaks a text up into semantic units.
NLTokenizerAttributesEnumerates content hints for tokenizers.
NLTokenizerEnumerateContinuationHandlerDelegate to apply to tokens as they are enumerated by NLTokenizer.EnumerateTokens.
NLTokenUnitEnumerates linguistic units to which tags can be applied.