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OpenTK.Audio.OpenAL Namespace

Bindings to the OpenAL audio stack.


AL Provides access to the OpenAL 1.1 flat API.
ALBufferStateBuffer state. Not supported for public use (yet).
AlcAlc = Audio Library Context
ALCapabilityA list of valid Enable/Disable/IsEnabled parameters
AlcContextAttributes Defines available context attributes.
AlcError Defines OpenAL context errors.
AlcGetInteger Defines available parameters for Alc.GetInteger(IntPtr,AlcGetInteger,Int32,Int32[]).
AlcGetString Defines available parameters for Alc.GetString(IntPtr,AlcGetString).
AlcGetStringList Defines available parameters for Alc.GetString(IntPtr,AlcGetStringList).
ALDistanceModelUsed by AL.DistanceModel(), the distance model can be retrieved by AL.Get() with ALGetInteger.DistanceModel
ALErrorReturned by AL.GetError
ALFormatSound samples: Format specifier.
ALGetBufferiA list of valid Int32 GetBuffer parameters
ALGetFloatA list of valid 32-Bits Float AL.Get() parameters
ALGetIntegerA list of valid Int32 AL.Get() parameters
ALGetSourceiA list of valid Int32 GetSource parameters
ALGetStringA list of valid string AL.Get() parameters
ALListener3fA list of valid Math.Vector3 Listener/GetListener parameters
ALListenerfA list of valid 32-Bits Float Listener/GetListener parameters
ALListenerfvA list of valid float[] Listener/GetListener parameters
ALSource3fA list of valid Math.Vector3 Source/GetSource parameters
ALSource3iA list of valid 3x Int32 Source/GetSource parameters
ALSourcebA list of valid 8-Bits boolean Source/GetSource parameters
ALSourcefA list of valid 32-Bits Float Source/GetSource parameters
ALSourceiA list of valid Int32 Source parameters
ALSourceStateSource state information, can be retrieved by AL.Source() with ALSourcei.SourceState.
ALSourceTypeSource type information, can be retrieved by AL.Source() with ALSourcei.SourceType.
EffectsExtension Provides access to the OpenAL effects extension.
EffectsExtension+ReverbPresetsEAX Reverb Presets in legacy format - use ConvertReverbParameters() to convert to EFX EAX Reverb Presets for use with the OpenAL Effects Extension.
EfxAuxiliaryfA list of valid 32-Bits Float AuxiliaryEffectSlot/GetAuxiliaryEffectSlot parameters
EfxAuxiliaryiA list of valid Int32 AuxiliaryEffectSlot/GetAuxiliaryEffectSlot parameters
EfxEffect3fA list of valid Math.Vector3 Effect/GetEffect parameters
EfxEffectfA list of valid 32-Bits Float Effect/GetEffect parameters
EfxEffectiA list of valid Int32 Effect/GetEffect parameters
EfxEffectTypeEffect type definitions to be used with EfxEffecti.EffectType.
EfxFilterfA list of valid 32-Bits Float Filter/GetFilter parameters
EfxFilteriA list of valid Int32 Filter/GetFilter parameters
EfxFilterTypeFilter type definitions to be used with EfxFilteri.FilterType.
EfxFormantFilterSettingsVocal morpher effect parameters. If both parameters are set to the same phoneme, that determines the filtering effect that will be heard. If these two parameters are set to different phonemes, the filtering effect will morph between the two settings at a rate specified by EfxEffectf.VocalMorpherRate.
XRamExtension The X-Ram Extension is provided on the top-end Sound Blaster X-Fi solutions (Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty, Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro, or later). These products feature 64MB of X-Ram that can only be used for audio purposes, which can be controlled by this Extension.
XRamExtension+XRamStorageThis enum is used to abstract the need of using AL.GetEnumValue() with the Extension. The values do NOT correspond to AL_STORAGE_* tokens!