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Org.Apache.Http.Client Namespace


The API for client-side HTTP communication and entry point to the HttpClient module.


CircularRedirectExceptionSignals a circular redirect
ClientProtocolExceptionSignals an error in the HTTP protocol.
HttpResponseExceptionSignals a non 2xx HTTP response.
IAuthenticationHandler [Android Documentation]
ICookieStoreAbstract cookie store.
ICredentialsProviderAbstract credentials provider.
IHttpClientInterface for an HTTP client.
IHttpRequestRetryHandlerA handler for determining if an HttpRequest should be retried after a recoverable exception during execution.
IRedirectHandlerA handler for determining if an HTTP request should be redirected to a new location in response to an HTTP response received from the target server.
IRequestDirectorA client-side request director.
IResponseHandlerHandler that encapsulates the process of generating a response object from a IHttpResponse.
IUserTokenHandlerA handler for determining if the given execution context is user specific or not.
NonRepeatableRequestExceptionSignals failure to retry the request due to non-repeatable request entity.
RedirectExceptionSignals violation of HTTP specification caused by an invalid redirect