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Org.Apache.Http.Message Namespace


A selection of HTTP AbstractHttpMessage implementations. There are basic implementations for HTTP requests BasicHttpEntityEnclosingRequest and BasicHttpRequest an entity, and for BasicHttpResponse.


AbstractHttpMessageBasic implementation of an HTTP message that can be modified.
BasicHeaderRepresents an HTTP header field.
BasicHeaderElementOne element of an HTTP header's value.
BasicHeaderElementIteratorBasic implementation of a IHeaderElementIterator.
BasicHeaderIteratorBasic implementation of a IHeaderIterator.
BasicHeaderValueFormatterBasic implementation for formatting header value elements.
BasicHeaderValueParserBasic implementation for parsing header values into elements.
BasicHttpEntityEnclosingRequestBasic implementation of a request with an entity that can be modified.
BasicHttpRequestBasic implementation of an HTTP request that can be modified.
BasicHttpResponseBasic implementation of an HTTP response that can be modified.
BasicLineFormatterInterface for formatting elements of the HEAD section of an HTTP message.
BasicLineParserBasic parser for lines in the head section of an HTTP message.
BasicListHeaderIteratorImplementation of a IHeaderIterator based on a IList.
BasicRequestLineThe first line of an IHttpRequest.
BasicStatusLineRepresents a status line as returned from a HTTP server.
BasicTokenIteratorBasic implementation of a ITokenIterator.
BufferedHeaderThis class represents a raw HTTP header whose content is parsed 'on demand' only when the header value needs to be consumed.
HeaderGroupA class for combining a set of headers.
IHeaderValueFormatterInterface for formatting elements of a header value.
IHeaderValueParserInterface for parsing header values into elements.
ILineFormatterInterface for formatting elements of the HEAD section of an HTTP message.
ILineParserInterface for parsing lines in the HEAD section of an HTTP message.
ParserCursorThis class represents a context of a parsing operation: the current position the parsing operation is expected to start atthe bounds limiting the scope of the parsing operation