Urho.Gui Namespace

User interface framework to use inside Application, it is a limited toolkit suitable for some in-game user interfaces.




BorderImageImage UI element with optional border.
Button Push button %UI element.
CheckBoxUI element that can be toggled between unchecked and checked state.
CornerUI element corners.
Cursor Mouse cursor UI element.
CursorShapeCursor shapes recognized by the UI subsystem.
DefocusedEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's Defocused event
DragBeginEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's DragBegin event
DragCancelEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's DragCancel event
DragDropFinishEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's DragDropFinish event
DragDropTestEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's DragDropTest event
DragEndEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's DragEnd event
DragMoveEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's DragMove event
DropDownList %Menu %UI element that displays a popup list view.
ElementAddedEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's ElementAdded event
ElementRemovedEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's ElementRemoved event
FileSelectedEventArgsEvent arguments for the FileSelector's FileSelected event
FileSelector %File selector dialog.
FocusChangedEventArgsEvent arguments for the UI's FocusChanged event
FocusedEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's Focused event
FocusModeUI element focus mode.
FontFont resource.
FontFaceFont face description.
FontFaceBitmap Bitmap font face description.
FontFaceFreeType Free type font face description.
HighlightModeListView selection highlight mode.
HorizontalAlignmentUI element horizontal alignment.
HoverBeginEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's HoverBegin event
HoverEndEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's HoverEnd event
ItemClickedEventArgsEvent arguments for the ListView's ItemClicked event
ItemDeselectedEventArgsEvent arguments for the ListView's ItemDeselected event
ItemDoubleClickedEventArgsEvent arguments for the ListView's ItemDoubleClicked event
ItemSelectedEventArgsEvent arguments for the DropDownList's ItemSelected event
LayoutMode Layout operation mode.
LayoutUpdatedEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's LayoutUpdated event
LineEdit Single-line text editor UI element.
ListView Scrollable list UI element.
MenuMenu UI element that optionally shows a popup.
MenuSelectedEventArgsEvent arguments for the Menu's MenuSelected event
MessageACKEventArgsEvent arguments for the MessageBox's MessageACK event
MessageBox Message box dialog.
ModalChangedEventArgsEvent arguments for the Window's ModalChanged event
NameChangedEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's NameChanged event
OrientationUI element orientation.
PositionedEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's Positioned event
PressedEventArgsEvent arguments for the Button's Pressed event
ReleasedEventArgsEvent arguments for the Button's Released event
ResizedEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's Resized event
ScrollBar Scroll bar UI element with forward and back buttons.
ScrollBarChangedEventArgsEvent arguments for the ScrollBar's ScrollBarChanged event
ScrollView Scrollable UI element for showing a (possibly large) child element.
SelectionChangedEventArgsEvent arguments for the ListView's SelectionChanged event
SliderSlider bar UI element.
SliderChangedEventArgsEvent arguments for the Slider's SliderChanged event
SliderPagedEventArgsEvent arguments for the Slider's SliderPaged event
SpriteUI element which allows sub-pixel positioning and size, as well as rotation. Only other Sprites should be added as child elements.
TextText UI element.
Text3D 3D text component.
TextChangedEventArgsEvent arguments for the LineEdit's TextChanged event
TextEffect Text effect.
TextFinishedEventArgsEvent arguments for the LineEdit's TextFinished event
ToggledEventArgsEvent arguments for the CheckBox's Toggled event
ToolTip Tooltip UI element.
TraversalMode Traversal mode for rendering.
UIUI subsystem. Manages the graphical user interface.
UIDropFileEventArgsEvent arguments for the UI's UIDropFile event
UIElement Base class for UI elements.
UIMouseClickEndEventArgsEvent arguments for the UI's UIMouseClickEnd event
UIMouseClickEventArgsEvent arguments for the UI's UIMouseClick event
UnhandledKeyEventArgsEvent arguments for the LineEdit's UnhandledKey event
VerticalAlignmentUI element vertical alignment.
View3DUI element which renders a 3D scene.
ViewChangedEventArgsEvent arguments for the ScrollView's ViewChanged event
VisibleChangedEventArgsEvent arguments for the UIElement's VisibleChanged event
WindowWindow UI element that can optionally by moved or resized.
WindowDragModeWindow movement and resizing modes.