Urho.Resources Namespace

Supports loading of resources in UrhoSharp.




AsyncLoadState Asynchronous loading state of a resource.
CompressedFormat Supported compressed image formats.
FileChangedEventArgsEvent arguments for the ResourceCache's FileChanged event
IComponentDeserializerInterface that provides a serialization API to retrieve state during a load operation.
IComponentSerializerInterface that provides a serialization API to store state during a save operation.
Image %Image resource.
JsonFile JSON document resource.
JsonNumberType JSON number type.
JsonValueType JSON value type.
LoadFailedEventArgsEvent arguments for the ResourceCache's LoadFailed event
PListFile Property list (plist).
PListValueType PList value types.
ReloadFailedEventArgsEvent arguments for the Resource's ReloadFailed event
ReloadFinishedEventArgsEvent arguments for the Resource's ReloadFinished event
ReloadStartedEventArgsEvent arguments for the Resource's ReloadStarted event
Resource Base class for resources.
ResourceBackgroundLoadedEventArgsEvent arguments for the ResourceCache's ResourceBackgroundLoaded event
ResourceCache %Resource cache subsystem. Loads resources on demand and stores them for later access.
ResourceNotFoundEventArgsEvent arguments for the ResourceCache's ResourceNotFound event
ResourceRequest Resource request types.
UnknownResourceTypeEventArgsEvent arguments for the ResourceCache's UnknownResourceType event
XmlComponentSerializer XMLElement based implementation of IComponentSerializer
XmlElement Element in an XML file.
XmlFile XML document resource.