Urho.Shapes Namespace

Convenience types to create commno shapes in nodes.


Shapes are components configured to loads some basic models and provide access to its color property.   They are convenience components that you can use during development or to build very simple 3D scenes.   

To use these, you create a component of the desired shape in your Node and configure its color.

C# Example

void MakeBox (Scene scene)
    var node = scene.CreateChild ();
    node.Position = new Vector (0,0,0);
    node.SetScale (0);
    node.Rotation (60, 0, 30);

    // Create a Box Shape component:
    var box = node.CreateComponent<Box> ();
    box.Color = Color.Blue;


BoxComponent that creates a Box.
ConeComponent that creates a Cone.
CylinderComponent that creates a Cylinder.
PlaneComponent that creates a Plane.
PyramidComponent that creates a Pyramid.
ShapeBase class for the shapes in the namespace.
SphereComponent that creates a Sphere.
TorusComponent that creates a Torus.