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UserNotificationsUI Namespace

The UserNotificationsUI namespace provides types that allow for custom UIs on receipt of user notifications.




IUNNotificationContentExtensionInterface that contains the mandatory methods, if any, for the UNNotificationContent protocol, which is required for displaying notification content from a view controller's view with custom UI.
NSExtensionContext_UNNotificationContentExtensionContent extension for presenting notification UI, including UI for playable content.
UNNotificationContentExtension_ExtensionsExtension methods to the IUNNotificationContentExtension interface to support all the methods from the UNNotificationContent protocol.
UNNotificationContentExtensionMediaPlayPauseButtonTypeEnumerates the kinds of media control button sets that the system will provide for playable notification content.
UNNotificationContentExtensionResponseOptionEnumerates preferred notification responses.