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WebKit Namespace

The WebKit namespace provides Web browser control.




IWKHttpCookieStoreObserverInterface that represents the required members of the WKHttpCookieStoreObserver protocol.
IWKNavigationDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol WKNavigationDelegate.
IWKPreviewActionItemInterface that provides access to the properties of the preview action item for a web view.
IWKScriptMessageHandlerInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol WKScriptMessageHandler.
IWKUIDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol WKUIDelegate.
IWKUrlSchemeHandlerInterface for handling arbitrary URL schemes.
IWKUrlSchemeTaskInterface for a task that loads data from a URL with an arbitrary scheme.
WKAudiovisualMediaTypesEnumerates media types.
WKBackForwardListThe list of pages that can be reached by navigating forward or backward.
WKBackForwardListItemA page within a WKBackForwardList.
WKContentRuleListA list of rules to apply to web content.
WKContentRuleListStoreA store that contents rules for web content.
WKDataDetectorTypesEnumerates the kinds of data that are detected and converted to links.
WKErrorCodeEnumerates WebKit errors.
WKErrorCodeExtensionsExtension methods for the WebKit.WKErrorCode enumeration.
WKFrameInfoA frame within a page.
WKHttpCookieStoreManages cookies for a WKWebsiteDataStore.
WKHttpCookieStoreObserver_ExtensionsExtension methods for the IWKHttpCookieStoreObserver interface that define the optional methods for the cookie store observer protocol.
WKJavascriptEvaluationResultThe result of evaluating JavaScript code.
WKNavigationTracks the loading progress of a page.
WKNavigationActionInformation about a navigation action. Can be used for policy decisions.
WKNavigationActionPolicyContains values that enumerate whether to cancel or allow navigation actions.
WKNavigationDelegateDelegate object for WKNavigation objects, provides methods relating to navigation and load policies.
WKNavigationDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the IWKNavigationDelegate interface to support all the methods from the WKNavigationDelegate protocol.
WKNavigationResponseInformation about a navigation response. Can be used for policy decisions.
WKNavigationResponsePolicyContains values that enumerate whether the response delegate should cancel or allow navigation.
WKNavigationTypeEnumerates the types of action that can cause navigation.
WKPreferencesPreference settings for a WKWebView.
WKPreviewActionItemIdentifierContains preview action type identifiers.
WKPreviewElementInfoContains the URL for a preview action item.
WKProcessPoolA pool of content processes.
WKScriptMessageA message sent from a Web page.
WKScriptMessageHandlerAllows messages from JavaScript to be handled by the app.
WKSecurityOriginDescribes the hostname, protocol, and port number for a security origin.
WKSelectionGranularityEnumerates values the controls how selections are created.
WKSnapshotConfigurationHolds the specification for a snapshot of a Webpage taken with WKWebview.TakeSnapshot.
WKUIDelegateA delegate object that allows presenting native UI elements on behalf of a Web page.
WKUIDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the IWKUIDelegate interface to support all the methods from the WKUIDelegate protocol.
WKUserContentControllerAllows posting messages and injecting user scripts into a Web page.
WKUserScriptA script that can be injected into a Web page.
WKUserScriptInjectionTimeEnumerates values that indicate when to inject a script.
WKWebsiteDataRecordWebsite data group that is identified by the website's domain and suffix.
WKWebsiteDataStoreData that is associated with a website, such as cookies and caches.
WKWebsiteDataTypeContains NSString constants that represent data types for data related to websites.
WKWebViewDisplays a Web page.
WKWebView+WKWebViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type WKWebView.
WKWebViewConfigurationProperties configuring a WKWebView.
WKWindowFeaturesWKWindowFeatures specifies optional attributes for the containing window when a new WKWebView is requested.