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Xamarin.Forms.Xaml Namespace

Namespace defining types necessary for Xamarin.Forms XAML support.




AcceptEmptyServiceProviderAttributeTells the XAML parser and compiler that they may ignore supplied service providers in methods and constructors in the attributed class.
IMarkupExtensionDefines the interface for Xamarin.Forms XAML markup extensions.
IMarkupExtension<T>Provides a base class for XAML markup extension implementations
IProvideValueTargetInterface that defines a target and property to which a value is provided.
IRootObjectProviderInternal use only.
IValueProviderInterface for value providers.
IXamlTypeResolverInterface defining the ability to resolve a qualified type name into a Type.
IXmlLineInfoProviderFor internal use by the XAML engine.
XamlParseExceptionException that is thrown when the XAML parser encounters an error.
XmlLineInfoFor internal use by the XAML engine.