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Android.Media.SoundEffect Enumeration

Enumerates values returned by several methods of SoundEffect and taken as a parameter of the AudioManager.PlaySoundEffect, and AudioManager.PlaySoundEffect members.


public enum SoundEffect



Member NameDescription
DeleteIME delete keypress sound
KeyClickKeyboard and direction pad click sound
NavigationDownFocus has moved down
NavigationLeftFocus has moved left
NavigationRightFocus has moved right
NavigationUpFocus has moved up
ReturnIME return_keypress sound
SpacebarIME spacebar keypress sound
StandardIME standard keypress sound


Namespace: Android.Media
Assembly: Mono.Android (in Mono.Android.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of Android.Media.SoundEffect are listed below.

See Also: Enum

Public Fields

DeleteSoundEffect. IME delete keypress sound
KeyClickSoundEffect. Keyboard and direction pad click sound
NavigationDownSoundEffect. Focus has moved down
NavigationLeftSoundEffect. Focus has moved left
NavigationRightSoundEffect. Focus has moved right
NavigationUpSoundEffect. Focus has moved up
ReturnSoundEffect. IME return_keypress sound
SpacebarSoundEffect. IME spacebar keypress sound
StandardSoundEffect. IME standard keypress sound