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Java.Interop.ExportFieldAttribute Class

Used on a method to indicate Java code generator to export a Java field which will be initialized by the managed method.

See Also: ExportFieldAttribute


[System.AttributeUsage(System.AttributeTargets.Method, AllowMultiple=false, Inherited=false)]
public class ExportFieldAttribute : Attribute


ExportAttribute and ExportFieldAttribute are used to generate Java method and/or field explicitly in Android Callable Wrappers (ACWs), with specific name. The Mono for Android build process does not usually generate Java fields, but they are required in some usage scenario. This attribute is introduced to support them.

For details, see ExportAttribute section of the documentation page.

This type is introduced in Mono for Android 4.2.


Namespace: Java.Interop
Assembly: Mono.Android (in Mono.Android.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of Java.Interop.ExportFieldAttribute are listed below.

See Also: Attribute

Public Constructors

Creates a new instance of this type.

Public Properties

NameString. Specifies the Java field name to be generated.