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MonoMac.CoreGraphics.CGImage Class

Represents bitmap images and bitmap masks.

See Also: CGImage


public class CGImage : INativeObject, IDisposable



Namespace: MonoMac.CoreGraphics
Assembly: XamMac (in XamMac.dll)
Assembly Versions:

The members of MonoMac.CoreGraphics.CGImage are listed below.

See Also: Object

Public Constructors

Public Properties

AlphaInfoCGImageAlphaInfo. The bitmap configuration.
BitmapInfoCGBitmapFlags. The bitmap configuration.
BitsPerComponentInt32. Bits per component
BitsPerPixelInt32. The number of bits per pixel.
BytesPerRowInt32. The number of bytes per row in the image.
ColorSpaceCGColorSpace. The image colorspace.
HandleIntPtr. Handle (pointer) to the unmanaged object representation.
HeightInt32. The image height in pixels.
IsMaskBoolean. Whether this image is a mask or a bitmap.
RenderingIntentCGColorRenderingIntent. The rendering intent.
ShouldInterpolateBoolean. Whether interpolation is enabled for this image.
WidthInt32. The image width in pixels.

Public Methods

Clone() : CGImage
Makes a copy of the image.
CreateMask(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, CGDataProvider, Single[], Boolean) : CGImage
Creates an image mask.
Releases the resourced used by the CGImage object.
Finalizer for the CGImage object
FromJPEG(CGDataProvider, Single[], Boolean, CGColorRenderingIntent) : CGImage
Creates a CGImage from a JPEG-encoded image.
FromPNG(CGDataProvider, Single[], Boolean, CGColorRenderingIntent) : CGImage
Creates a CGImage from a PNG-encoded image.
ScreenImage(Int32, RectangleF) : CGImage
WithColorSpace(CGColorSpace) : CGImage
Creates a copy of the image based on the specified colorspace.
WithImageInRect(RectangleF) : CGImage
Creates a new image with the dimensions specified in the rectangle
WithMask(CGImage) : CGImage
Creates a new image that has been masked with the specified mask.
WithMaskingColors(Single[]) : CGImage
Creats a new image by masking the values in the image with the specified components.

Protected Methods

Releases the resourced used by the CGImage object.